You could be interested in learning how to restring a troy Bilt weed eater if you’ve recently purchased one or should perform seasonal maintain on her existing model.

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Fortunately, transforming the heat on these weed eaters is much easier than with other designs, especially if did you do it never changed the wire on your devices before.

How to Restring a troy Bilt Weed Eater

By adhering to these basic steps, you’ll have the ability to breathe brand-new life right into your weed eater in a matter of minutes.

Step 1: analysis the bump Head

Before you begin to adjust the cable on her weed eater, you’ll first want to recognize which bang head you have actually installed ~ above the device.

Troy Bilt has actually two to select from: the SpeedSpool 2 and also Click ‘n Trim.

The measures you’ll go with to replace the line are the exact same for both heads.

However, the quantity of string that you will need to use will certainly differ, and also the alignment.

Step 2: prepare the Weed Eater

Considering you will do it be working through the most dangerous component of the tool, the last thing you’ll want is because that it to begin accidentally.

Hence, the is very recommended the you disconnect the spark plug to assist avoid any kind of accidents.

Once this is complete, you can move ~ above the following step.

Step 3: cutting Line

Now that you have actually an idea the the kind of bump head you have actually installed on her weed eater, keep in mind that you’ll need 20 feet of 0.095 line for the Click ‘n Trim head or 10 feet the string because that the SpeedSpool 2.

Make certain you measure the end the proper length and set it next without any type of kinks and also coils for the following step.

Step 4: Feeding the String

Before you begin inserting the string into the spool, you’ll desire to revolve the knob top top the Click ‘n Trim head so the the arrows are effectively aligned.

For the SpeedSpool 2 head, you’ll want to rotate the knob so that the arrows space aligned through the holes on the exterior of the external spool.

Once every little thing has to be aligned, you can feed one end of the line v the intake eyelet and continue to press the wire through the spool till it increase from the other end.

You’ll then want to proceed pulling top top the string till there is an same amount of material on either side of the spool.

It’s crucial you currently turn the knob top top the weed eater clockwise so the there are about five inch of string continuing to be on either side of the head.

At this point, you have effortlessly changed the string in her weed eater.

How to make Weed Eater String last Longer

The many annoying component of owning a weed eater is discovering you’ll need to restring the device at the end of every season, if not before then.

Fortunately, most manufacturers have emerged rather user-friendly designs, however maintenance still takes time away from her productivity.

By knowing how to make your weed eater string critical longer, you can limit the lot of time and also money you invest on keeping one of the vital parts of your yard tool.

Improve her Technique

The in its entirety best method to make your weed eater cable last much longer is to enhance your technique when working on your yard.

Over time, you’re likely to recognize which methods are many comfortable because that you, but keeping these advice in mind can assist you to keep the cable material.

1. Save the string parallel.

When you’re holding your weed eater, make certain you are maintaining the wire parallel to the ground.

This will help to make sure you’re not hitting any kind of rocks or hard debris through the plastic the the string.

2. Hear to sound changes.

You would certainly be surprised to find out that your weed eater will certainly tell you when it’s time for a brand-new string.

It will certainly sound different while running, i beg your pardon can aid you to stop yourself from changing the line also early.

3. Exercise string feeding.

It can be tempting to desire to feed a brand-new string often, especially when you’re an initial starting.

However, you’ll desire to make certain you have about five inches of line available for efficient cutting.

Consider Spool Size

Different varieties of trimmers space going to hold different quantities of string, depending upon the spool size they are produced with.

If you recognize you’re the form of human being who goes with a the majority of string, you’re walk to want to opt because that a device that has a an ext considerable spool length, even if it is it’s OEM or aftermarket.

The bigger your spool is, the an ext line you’ll be able to carry without the fear of running the end halfway v your project.

Also, you’ll only need restring the weed eater much less often.

String form and Size

Much choose some fishing line, the string that you usage in your weed eater will have a lot of to do with its performance.

Certain varieties of strings space recommended for certain varieties of vegetation.

When you start to look for a new line, you’ll find they’re typically accessible in three basic sizes: lightweight to medium (0.050 come 0.08 inches), medium to hefty (0.08 come 0.105 inches), and also heavy-duty (0.105 inches and also up).

If you recognize you’re walk to be tackling exceptionally thick brush, you can even want to think about investing in a metal cutting head rather of part string.

You deserve to be certain that this i will not ~ wear away together quickly.

There are also different types of shapes that the string comes in, which deserve to offer different levels the durability.

Most often, the instruction hand-operated for her weed eater will describe what kind of wire is recommended.

For example, Tyson Bilt weed eaters recommend using a ring line, as it feeds smoothly with the head.

A few other instances of cable shapes incorporate twisted, diamond, and multi-sided.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to restring a trojan Bilt weed eater is most likely much an ext comfortable than you had anticipated, even if that your very first time keeping your device.

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By complying with the straightforward steps above, you deserve to have a brand-new line set up within a issue of minutes.