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Hi, every one, my vehicle is 97 Corolla DX 1.8L . I desire to adjust the strength Steering Fluid, since it"s low probably there has leak, yet not sure what sort of fluid to use. I check the Manual and also get confuse. Is the power Steering Fluid and the transmission fluid same thing? "STEERINGWheel freeplay:Less 보다 30 mm (1.2 in.)Power steering fluid type:Automatic transmission fluidDEXRON II or III "I to be looking in ~ the Valvoline/MaxLife high mileage strength steering fluid with stop leak, wonder is this liquid will fit my car. Thank you.

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Thanks because that the reminder. I perform remember that, i just gained confuse by by the manual what the manufacturing facility recommends.
I know whats recommended. Sometimes thats the only thing to use, but in my case I picked the dorn dexron. I should uncover the bottles and also see what ns really used.You think I might actually cavern in come peer push haloruler? HAHAHAHAHA!-SP
Oh that component was because that him, no you. You wouldn"t, yet he totally would. Jimscamry, hang through the cool kids. Use ATF. Especially Valvoline Maxlife ATF.
I"ve offered Toyota"s ATF, Red Line"s D4 and also now run Valvoline"s MaxLife ATF, every Dexron compatible. Of those I favored the D4 the best. However my wallet likes MaxLife much much better
I"ve operation both and didn"t notification any difference. ATF just seems to it is in a little bit thicker and also leaks a small less.
I love Valvoline, I always use their Maxlife oil. I almost cave in come peer pressure. HAHAHAHAHA!Well, this particular day I acquired the PS fluid: MaxLife power steering fluid with stop leak. I didn"t gain the ATF.Since ns don"t want to perform the flush, so I got out some of the old fluid and also fill it up with new PS fluid. ~ a few days ns gonna execute it again. Couple times later the liquid should it is in clear.It"s simply an easy method for me.

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