"Victorem" is the accusative case of the 3rd declension noun"victor". Use of a noun in the accusative case, together with thepronoun "ad ", means "to" in the sense of travelling - eg "Ambulaviad victorem" means "I walked to the victor". The construction (ad +accusative noun) does NOT mean "to" in the sense of giving. Forthat you need the dative case, with no preposition. The dative of"victor" is "victori".

The word "spolias" does not, and never did exist. The ending"-as" is 1st declension accusative plural, but the Latin word"spolium" (booty) is 2nd declension neuter. The word "spolium" wasusually used in the plural, and the plural of "spolium", in boththe nominative and accusative cases, is "spolia".

"To the victor, the spoils" is thus "victori spolia"

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