Misheard lyrics (also called mondegreens) occur when civilization misunderstand the text in a song. These room NOT intentional rephrasing of lyrics, i beg your pardon is called parody.For much more information around the misheard lyrics easily accessible on this site, please review our FAQ.

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This page consists of a perform of the songs that have stories about their misheard lyrics submitted.

Song names space sorted by first letter, excluding A and The. This is sorted by song title only, notby track title and performer. So if two various performers preformed the very same song, you"ll seemisheard text for both on the same page (provided the tune title to be spelt the exact same both times, andmisheard lyrics have been submitted for both!).

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The Story: mine sister and I listened to this song all the time and I might never figure out what aj was singing after "Do his girlfriend get. . ." ns sang it once in a hoax "Do his friends obtain on your nerves" and also it type of stuck. - it is registered by: Megan
The Story: My ideal friend and I were sitting about listening to this song on Backstreet Boys: Backstage Pass and obviously no of united state knew the line. Us were singing our lung out once it concerned this line, and my friend busts out, "It"s all about my gimpy knee!" we both died! We had actually to go buy the cd to discover out what the actual lyrics were, however we tho laugh as we song the misheard lyric. - submitted by: Michi
The Story: mine sister to be watching Barney while i was hear to mine Backstreet young CD. The children on the display were singing Barney"s theme song, so ns couldn"t hear my song. I heard "Barney" instead of "you". - submitted by: me
The Story: One day, i sang that while in class (i was in 4th grade in ~ the time). The teacher heard me and I got in huge trouble. She must not prefer Backstreet guys either. - submitted by: Lauren
The Story: i was at my friend"s home when she just spontaneously put a BSB cd in she cd player. As soon as the early shock of see a teenage girl still in reality listening come them in the year 2002 wore off, ns realized she was singing. She sang the lyric that I"d never really cared about, yet could never understand, and I began laughing my fool head off. Her four-year-old sister remained in the room too, therefore I had to call her an extremely quietly what I thought they were saying. She"s tho a huge fan of that song. God only knows why. - it is registered by: Sarah
The Story: i was to sing this when driving my car, make the efforts to show off my singing an abilities to my best friend, Anne. Ann is a Backstreet young fan, and when she repair me, I completely felt stupid. Now, anytime I"m singing a song, i make sure it"s a track that isn"t the Backstreet Boys. - it is registered by: Carrie
The Story: i was listening come this song just recently top top the Rosie O"Donnel show. Ns don"t know exactly how I misheard it yet I heard it as "maybe i can"t helpl it"? however upon the town hall ytv"s Hitlist I concerned the currently that i misheard the lyrics once I saw the captions ~ above the tv. I was choose "oh god I"m to sing it wrong! What the hell kind of Backstreet Boys fan am I?" - submitted by: Celeste Keenan
The Story: Me and my sister to be listening come "Drowning"(Don"t asking me why.) i told her, "Oh, this song is about you. Girl you may be breastless." Tactless, but true. - submitted by: Ashley
The Story: mine older brother was in the bathroom for a really long time. As soon as he was in there, his CD was on to this song. The was to sing the misheard lyrics. Now every time the goes in there he sings the song. - it is registered by: manda
The Story: my friend and I to be listening come Millenium (the album it"s on) and also we misheard the lyric and also we burst out laughing. It was sooo funny. Climate at institution the next day we were telling our other friend around that and also then we couldn"t psychic what track it to be from. A month later I uncovered this website since I to be trying to find out what the lyrics yes, really were and I made decision to submit this one because it was so funny. - it is registered by: NiniPuff
The Story: ns heard this on the radio and also I heard this native Bec Hill. - submitted by: Gacha Cara
The Story: I"ve been watching It"s constantly Sunny in Philadelphia too lot lately. - it is registered by: Rayne
The Story: There"s these two kids, four-year-old girls. One girl, Kat, is for this reason cute- she knows all the lyrics to well-known songs, so she entertains everyone with the surprising step of a 4 year old to sing Britney Spears in perfect tune and also in perfect lyrics. This creates a most jealousy in the other girl, Alex- who craves attention favor oxygen. So lately she had actually been trying come sing along with the radio, simply blah- blah- blah, not actual words, just enough to do her seem favor she to know what"s she"s doing. Anyway, this someday I overheard her singing these lyrics us laughed hysterically at it. Ever due to the fact that then she"s to be pretty quiet in the car. - submitted by: Raven
I am, sweating, in an ocean all alone Baby, my infant Sweating ~ above ur face You still one day if us make a huge mistake.
I am, swimming, in an ocean all alone Baby, my baby It"s composed on your face You still wonder if us made a big mistake.
The Story: I had it together my MSN username. One of my contacts,(an avid BSB fan) said, "Are you major with that?" i said, "What?" She answered the I had actually the dorn words in my MSN name. Ns still sing it dorn to stroked nerves her. - submitted by: Tom penis & Harry
The Story: ns loved this track so imagine mine surprise when I realized that i was obtaining the text wrong. Ns think that sometimes I find it difficult to understand what the Backstreet Boys are singing and also when ns do uncover out what they"re to sing I get so embarrassed. - it is registered by: Celeste Keenan
The Story: due to the fact that the track came out ns was singing this "I will certainly say the words then take castle back". I thought it was sort of messed up because that these romantics to say such a foul thing. My friend ultimately made me listen what they space really singing. I still sing my version just to mess through my friends. - it is registered by: Connie
The Story: fine I"m one nsync fan and also my friends are all bsb fans, and I to be walking around singing that song about them like I was so cool, and like I recognize it, and also saying how cool ns think the was that a boyband would placed a line prefer that in your song..and ns was wonder why they laughed at me like I to be a retard everytime i sang it..and I had actually to number it out for myself. *ashamed* - it is registered by: Andie Gainey
The Story: i was playing a video game of "The following Verse" top top a Backstreet Boys post board the I frequent quite often. I placed in the next verse together "I"ll tell you the story that baby that screwed who? Me or him." The next person who post said: " in reality it"s I"ll offer you the story of infant who"s because that you? Me or him?" fine my face was simply beet red after ns she claimed it the I never ever started one more "next verse" game as long as i live. :) - submitted by: Celeste
The Story: as soon as was little I assumed they to be saying Macy"s favor the department store. Maybe I assumed that they to be saying it"s difficult to discover something in Macy"s lol - submitted by: Deanna
The Story: once I was having a home-stay in Japan, us were listening come this song during dinner. Mine host-sister at the line "show girlfriend the form of mine heart" organized up the bottle of soybean beans sauce(shoyu). - submitted by: C-star
The Story: The first thing come say, is the I"m french-canadian, so, my friend and me were to sing that tune in the car, thrust by one english guy, and also we were like singing it yes, really loud and also when us came approximately that component of the track (the misheard lyric) we were prefer "picture in the dark!!" and also the guy was looking at us weird... - it is registered by: Emilie
The Story: It"s just what I always sung due to the fact that I had no idea what the really lyric was - submitted by: Jane
The Story: i sit below at work-related all day and also hear this tune over and also over, yet the volume of the music system is such the I deserve to only proper make the end what is gift said. Come me, this is the just thing it sound like! - submitted by: Radical X
The Story: my sister and also I were sitting in mine room singing along with the cd. Display me the definition of gift lonely came on. She started singing it, but instead the saying display me the an interpretation of gift lonely, she said show me the meaning of Heinz Bologna. That"s the means we constantly sing the now. - submitted by: Stacey Hollingshead
The Story: ns was listening to the song and also I was appalled. I called my sister top top the phone and played the track for she to watch if she heard the very same thing, and she began laughing in ~ me. Ns looked choose a huge idiot. - it is registered by: Emily
I`ll it is in late, don`t stay up and wait for me i say hey yo, my battery is short You recognize we`re going come a place nearby gotta go
I`ll be late, don`t remain up and wait for me to speak again...you`re dropping out.... My battery is low just so friend know; We`re going come a place surrounding gotta go
The Story: ns thougt this bsb tune was really cool, and also after having actually heard the a few times on the radio, ns couldn`t obtain it out of mine mind. But part of the chorus lyrics were quite stupid, in my opinion (especially the hey yo part..) together I sang it out to mine friends, just as an instance of "stupid young band lyrics", they had actually a really great laugh.... - it is registered by: Hilde
The Story: Well an initial of all comeisery isn"t even a word! I thought I was pretty cool since I said myself that i was the very first of mine friends to discover the words come the new bsb song, so i was singing my heart the end while control in the automobile with friends, and they totally caught me singing the wrong thing! now everytime my dbj girls and I room listening to the end fav through band, they always make fun of me! - submitted by: Stephanie
The Story: ns was listening to this with my girlfriend because that the an initial time, and I could"ve sworn he was saying "grape stand". I thought probably grape stand was slang because that a brothel. Luckily, I acquired the text right before my girlfriend noticed what ns was singing. Or ns asked any kind of emberassing questions. - it is registered by: Bayonder

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