Computer chip designers develop language instructions that the microprocessor reads. What component of the computer can analyze the words from the instructions right into bit fads the chip can understand?

The assembler

The regime counter


About exactly how much address room can a 64-bit microprocessor access?

4 GB

1,000 GB

One exchange rate GB

Unit 1

Topic: project opportunities


I reading skills

Read and remember the following words and word combinations supplied in their committed meanings.

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implementation - здійснення, виконання
to support - підтримувати; сприяти
to attend to - вести справу; розглядати питання
to encompass - охоплювати
come disseminate info - розповсюджувати інформацію
foundations of information and computation - основи інформатики та обчислення
fabricated language - штучна мова, прикладна мова
to invoke - сприяти
to generate proof of principle - спричиняти випробування ідеї
resource code - первісна (початкова) програма
to retrieve info - вишукувати інформацію

Read and also translate the adhering to text right into Ukrainian

Information technology

Information modern technology (IT), as defined by the Information technology Association, is "the study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based, information systems specifically software applications and also computer hardware." IT faces the use of digital computers and computer software application to convert, store, protect, process, transmit, and also securely retrieve information.

Today, the term information modern technology has ballooned to include many elements of computing and also technology, and also the term has become really recognizable. IT professionals perform a variety of duties that range from installing applications to designing complex computer networks and information data bases. A few of the duties that IT specialists perform may be included: data management, networking, engineering, computer system hardware, database and also software design, as well as the administration and management of entire systems.

When computer and communications technologies are combined, the an outcome is details technology, or "infotech". Information an innovation is a general term that defines any modern technology that helps to produce, manipulate, store, communicate, and/or disseminate information. Presumably, as soon as speaking of Information an innovation (IT) together a whole, it is listed that the usage of computers and also information room associated.

Computing is usually characterized as the task of using and also developing computer system technology, computer hardware and software. It is the computer-specific part of information technology. Computer science (or computer science) is the study and the scientific research of the theoretical foundations of information and also computation and also their implementation and also application in computer system systems. Computer programming in basic is the process of writing, testing, debugging, and also maintaining the resource code and documentation of computer system programs. This resource code is written in a programming language, i beg your pardon is an synthetic language, restrictive, demanding, and also unforgiving to humans but easily analyzed by the computer. The purpose of programming is come invoke the desired actions (customization) indigenous the machine. The process of writing high quality source code requires understanding of both the application"s domain and the computer system science domain. The highest possible quality software is thus occurred by a team of miscellaneous domain experts, each person a professional in part area of development. However the ax programmer may use to a range of program quality, indigenous hacker come open source contributor come professional. And a single programmer might do most or every one of the computer programming required to generate the evidence of concept to launch a new “killer” application.

Find the answers to the questions.

1. What is IT?

2. What does it transaction with?

3. Is that a job of a good variety the duties? approve it.

4. What is computing?

5. What does computer system science study?

6. What is computer programming? What is its purpose?

7. Carry out you think you might like to come to be a computer system programmer or some various other professional?

8. In her opinion what type of human being makes a good programmer? Discuss certain characteristics and explain why they are important?

9. What must the human of this occupation know?

10. Have to students taking a computer literacy course be forced to learn some programming? Why?

Complete the sentences.

1. IT encounters the usage of electronic computers and also ... .

2. ..., and also the term has become an extremely recognizable.

3. … space combined, the result is info technology, or “infotech”

4. Computing is usually identified as the task of ... .

5. The objective of programming is ... .

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6. ... Requires expertise of both the application"s domain and the computer system science domain.