The two main concerns of marketing room a. Increasing market share and also making earnings b. Hold down expenses while enhancing profits c. Arising products and finding providers d. Discovering and satisfying customer needs e. Practicing ethics and sustainability


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Step-by-step explanation:

Let Pryanka think the number x:

x, x + 1, x +3, x + 6, x + 10 = 5x + 20

His brothers thinks the y:

y, x - 1, y - 3, y - 6, y - 10. = 5y - 20

The sums are the same, therefore:

5x + 20 = 5y - 20

5x - 5y = -40

(x - y) = -8

y - x = 8.

Data mining


Data mining is the procedure in which we can extract the life data into useful data the would become beneficial for the company.

Large data is accessible and if we take the data i.e important or advantageous so this process we referred to as data mining

In the given situation, it is discovered that once the consumer purchased a sandwich so plenty of customers purchased toothpaste along with it. And for extracting the hiding information from that is MIS the store supplied the data mining technique.

data mining


In business, Data mining is the action of obtaining information about customer"s actions that might be use for the company"s benefit.

On many cases, Data mining is offered to predict the actions of a specific group the customers. By developing this prediction, the firm could develop a product or marketing strategy that can successfully target that group.

in the excerpt above,

The shop obtain the data that a most consumers who bought sandwich additionally bought toothpaste a long with it.

From this data, the shop could make presumption that there is a correlation between the sandwhich and also the this paste. (Maybe countless of sandwhich buyers need the toothpaste to eliminate the sandwich"s smell from your mouth). The shop might use this data and arrange the placement of the toothpaste for this reason it"s close come the sandwhich through the hope the it could increase that is sales.

Letter b is correct. Develop a relationship with the consumer and discover what the consumers" needs are.


Analyzing the steps of a sales process, it have the right to be said that Karina"s following step in offer Heather would be to produce a partnership with the customer and discover her needs.

In stimulate to attain success in a sale, the is vital for the salesperson to know the stages of the sales procedure well and also to execute them in together a way that that is feasible to know the consumer"s profile and also find out what his needs and desires are, in bespeak to market the best product or service.

The development of a partnership is vital so that the seller deserve to analyze specific characteristics the the consumer"s profile, his wants and also needs, it is crucial to it is in friendly, attentive and know exactly how to argue, in bespeak to do a great impression top top the consumer and also close the sale.

Option C. That was uncovered in the summer time.


If that was discovered summer time, then that can mean it could only it is in a summer plant, or that grows finest in the summer. Alternative A. Is just exactly how plants grow. Alternative B. Is simply that animals eat it, like many plants. And also option D. Is just like common sense all most.

Parents age

a = 58 and b = 39

Step-by-step explanation:

Lets a and b the parents age.


The amount of the parents age is same to 97

And difference of their periods is 19

We require to uncover the parental age.

From the provided statement the amount of their periods is 97, therefore the equation is


And difference of their ages is 19, so the equation is.


Solve the equation 2 for a


Now us substitute the above a value in equation 1 and also simplify.





Now we substitute b value in equation 3.


Therefore the parents eras is a = 58 and b = 39

Choice one is the answer
I have actually a book. This book is referred to as The comfortable Anatomy price Book. Ns assume it"s about anatomy. The is right. Ns read right into it and also realized that your lymph nodes space swollen it might be because there is overabundance blood flow to the tissue.

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The price is the first option

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