the straightforward units of all creates of life
cell theoryone that the fundamental concepts the biology. All living things space composed of cells. Cells are the basic units of structure and function in life things. Brand-new cells are produced from currently cells.
cell membranethe thin versatile barrier approximately the cell
cell wallthe solid layer roughly the cell membrane
nucleusa big structure that contains the cell's hereditary material and controls the cell's activities
cytoplasmthe product inside the cabinet membrane, not consisting of the nucleus
prokaryotecontain a cell membrane and cytoplasm but no nuclei
eukaryotecells the contain a nucleus, a cell membrane and also cytoplasm together with other dedicated structures dubbed organelles
organellespecialized frameworks that perform necessary cellular functions
chromatinthe granular product visible in ~ the cell core of a cell
chromosomedistinct threadlike structures containing the hereditary information that is passed native one generation of cell to the next
nucleolusa small dense region inside the nuclei
nuclear envelopethe twin membrane layer the surrounds the nucleus
cytoskeletona network the protein filaments that helps the cabinet to maintain its shape
microtubulehollow tubes of protein around 25 nanometers in diameter that maintain the cell shape and can additionally serve together tracks follow me which organelles are moved
microfilamentlong, thin fibers that role in the movement and support the the cell
ribosomesmall particles made that RNA and protein
endoplasmic reticulumthe organelle in which components of the cell membrane room assembled and some proteins room modified
Golgi apparatusa ridge of membrane in the cell in which enzymes attach carbohydrates and lipids come proteins
lysosomea cabinet organelle filled v enzymes needed to break down certain materials in the cell
vacuolea cell organelle the stores products such as water, salts, proteins, and carbohydrates
chloroplastan organelle found in the cell of plants and some other organisms that uses energy from sunlight to make energy-rich food molecules by photosynthesis
mitochondrionthe cabinet organelle the releases energy from save on computer food molecules
lipid bylayera double-layered sheet that develops the main point of virtually all cell membranes
concentrationthe fixed of solute in a given volume of systems (mass/volume)
diffusionthe process by i m sorry molecules often tend to relocate from one area where they are more concentrated to an area where they are much less concentrated
selective permeabilitythe home of organic membranes that enables only specific substances to pass with them
osmosisdiffusion that water v a selectively permeable membrane
facilitated diffusionmovement of specific molecules throughout cell membranes through protein channels
active transportan energy-requiring process that moves material throughout a cabinet membrane against a concentration difference
endocytosisthe process by i m sorry a cell takes material right into the cell by infolding of the cabinet membrane
phagocytosisa process in which expansions of cytoplasm surround and also engulf large particles and also take them right into the cell
exocutosisthe process by i m sorry a cell releases a large amounts the material
cell specializationseparate roles for each form of cell in multicellular organisms
tissuea team of comparable cells that do a certain function
organa group of organization that work-related together come perform carefully related functions
organ systema group of offal that work together to do a certain function