A expertise of facial anatomy is critical to be able to reconstruct a face from a skull. In this article, we’ll check out the main muscles teams in the face.

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This info is also easily accessible as a download in ~ the bottom of this step and also we will certainly be watching a video showing every of this muscles together they are rebuilded in the next step, so you may uncover it helpful to have actually this short article as a reference.



Sometimes dubbed the ‘pouting muscle’, contraction of the Mentalis raises and thrusts the end the lower lip come make united state pout.

Depressor Labii Inferioris

The circular muscle around our mouth is Orbicularis Oris and this muscle brings our lips with each other so we can pucker up for a kiss!

Levator Anguli Oris

The happy muscle, do the corners of our mouth turn upwards into a smile.

Levator Labii Superioris

The muscle that deepens the furrows either next of our nose and also top lip when we feel sad.

Depressor Anguli Oris

This muscle dilates the nostrils and raises the upper lip. It’s regularly referred to as the ‘Elvis muscle’ in homage to Elvis Presley.

Zygomatic significant and Minor

These are strap muscle that help to kind the shape of the cheeks. Both muscle are involved in elevating the upper lip to create a smile, v the boy muscle allowing us to curly our top lip which commonly demonstrates smugness.

The Orbicularis Oculi

A distinctive muscle the is constructed of 2 parts, the palpebral and orbital. The palpebral area lies at the center of this sphincter muscle and also forms the eyelids through the orbital region encasing that concentrically. The Orbicularis Oculi muscle opens and closes the eyelids thus allowing us come blink, wink or squint in bright sunlight.


A an extremely thin and also delicate muscle the pulls the lips horizontally creating a large, albeit insincere smile.

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