\"The Kill\" (also well-known as \"The death (Bury Me)\") is a song from the 30 seconds to Mars" second album \"A Beautiful Lie,\" released in 2005.

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30 seconds to Mars frontman Jared Leto described its meaning, \""The Kill" is a song that a lot of world would look at at and think it"s around a relationship with somebody else, however it"s really about a connection with yourself. It"s about confronting her fear and also confronting the truth around who you are.\"

He also introduced this tune saying: \"This is a song referred to as "The Kill." yet don"t it is in scared, it"s a pretty song. About losing her mind.\"

The meaning of the song carefully corresponds v the idea the the entirety album. Guitarist Tom Milicevic admitted, that the text of the album explain the struggle of one person and the selections that he has to make. \"It"s choose you"re in ~ the crossroads and also you have the right to go one means or the various other way. There"s a best path and a not-so-right path. It"s more like about a male who"s making a choice about the appropriate path to walk down.\"

Bassist Matt Wachter added, \"It"s something that everyone can relate to.\"

The song is in the 3/4 time signature. Jared admitted, \"It"s in waltz timing, which is exciting. We were able to execute something classic, and that bound some aspects together.\"

This song reached #3 ~ above the Billboard modern-day Rock monitor chart and also spent 52 main on the list, ending up being the longest-running struggle in the chart"s history.

In 2007, the tune was forgive Kerrang! Magazine"s fan-voted solitary of the Year.

Official music video

The official music video was directed by Jared Leto, despite he proclaimed in the press release that the video clip was command by an albino Danish male named Bartholomew Cubbins, who is the main character the the Dr. Seuss publication The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins.


This video clip is a tribute to the Stanley Kubrick"s The Shining based on the Stephen King novel.

The haunted room number was readjusted from 237 come 6277 together it produces \"Mars\" on a telephone keypad. This number appears in the official videos for \"From Yesterday\" and also \"Up in the Air\" as well.

A most the scenes room film-based: once drummer Shannon Leto beginning Room 6277 and encounters the woman in the bathroom, Matt Wachter is served drinks through a doppelganger and when Tomo Milicevic finds himself with a man in a be affected by each other suit.

The design template of duplicity and also confrontation v oneself can be traced transparent the entirety video.

The hotel scene in the video clip were filmed at The Carlu in Toronto.

On august 31, 2006, the tape won the MTV2 Award at the MTV video Music Awards. This video clip was nominated for the finest rock video clip as well yet lost come AFI"s \"Miss Murder\".

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The music video clip was additionally selected as the greatest rock video clip in the Kerrang absent 100 on June 27, 2009.