a combine form definition “breath, respiration,” provided in the formation of compound words that represent a type of breathing or problem of the respiratory tract system, as mentioned by the initial element: dyspnea; hyperpnea.

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The combining form -pnea is supplied like a suffix meaning “breath, respiration.” that is often used in clinical terms, especially in pathology.

The type -pnea originates from the Greek pneîn, an interpretation “to breathe.”

What space variants that –pnea?

In brothers English, -pnea is generally spelled -pnoea.

One usual word featuring -pnea is apnea, definition “temporary suspension that breathing.” This is a medical condition that many human being suffer from, particularly during sleep.

As we’ve seen, -pnea refers to “breath.” The prefix a-, here, method “not, without.” That way apnea literally converts to “without breath.”

What space some words that usage the combining kind –pnea?

What space some other creates that –pnea might be generally confused with?

The word pneumonia, a respiratory tract illness, comes from the Greek pneúmōn, an interpretation “lung” and also which is concerned -pnea, which, if you’ll recall, is indigenous the Greek pneîn, an interpretation “to breathe.” have the right to you view the connection?

Break the down!

The prefix hyper- is borrowed from Greek to mean “over” (implying excess). Through that in mind, what carry out you deduce hyperpnea is?

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Medical meanings for -pnea


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Breath; respiration:dyspnea.


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