In the 1984 variation of Red Dawn, after lock receive aid from the old couple and they gain a functioning radio they room listening come the radio and also a mrs on the radio says, "we have a message for the civilization in the populated zone. The chair is against the wall and John has actually a lengthy mustache." What"s the an interpretation behind those messages?



It is supposed to it is in a cryptic message that have the right to only be understood by those who know the meaning. There is historic precedence because that resistance teams using radio broadcasts to communicate messages to each other like this. Among them is Radio Londres which was a BBC transfer from London come Nazi inhabited France and included propaganda messages and coded message to the French resistance movement.

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Coded messages

Georges Bégué, an operative through the distinct Operations executive (SOE) had the idea of sending seemingly obscure an individual messages come SOE agents out in France to reduce radio traffic to and also from SOE agents.

Broadcasts would begin with "Before us begin, please listen to some an individual messages." It was clear to almost everyone that they to be coded messages, regularly amusing, and totally without context. Representative messages encompass "Jean has a long mustache" and also "There is a fire in ~ the insurance allowance agency," each one having some an interpretation to a particular resistance group. They were used generally to provide messages to the resistance, but additionally to say thanks to their agents or simply to offer the enemy the impression the something to be being prepared. Since of the overwhelming of messages and also the restricted number of Germans easily accessible to job-related to decipher them, the Nazis were not able to keep up. Often by the moment they to be able to decipher a message, the procedure ordered would certainly have already been carried out, prompting the occupiers to emphasis their efforts on jamming the messages instead.

From the start of June 1944, the Allies inundated the network with messages. ~ above 1 June alone, end 200 messages were sent, do it clear to those listening that something remained in the works. Return in some areas the Axis jamming was more effective 보다 others, the elevator noise and also static were not enough to drown the end the sound of Beethoven"s 5th Symphony, the first four note of which exchange mail to the dot-dot-dot-dash the the Morse password letter V because that Victory.

Shortly prior to the D-Day landings the 6 June 1944, Radio Londres broadcast the first stanza that Paul Verlaine"s city "Chanson d"automne" to let the resistance recognize that the invasion would start within 24 hours.

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Les sanglots longs Des violons De l’automne Blessent mon cœur D’une langueur Monotone.

Blessent mon cœur d"une langueur monotone ("wound mine heart v a monotonous languor") was the certain call to action.