The values that one Excel role uses to carry out calculations or operations.

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AVERAGE FunctionAn Excel duty that to add a group of values, and then divides the result by the variety of values in the group.
Comparison OperatorSymbols that evaluate each worth to recognize if the is the same (=), higher than (>), less than (<), or in between a variety of worths as stated by the criteria.
Conditional FormatA layout that transforms the figure of a cell- based on a condition; if true, the cabinet is formatted based upon that condition. And if false, the cell is not formatted.
COUNTIF FunctionA statistical duty that counts the number of cells in ~ a variety that fulfill the provided condition and that has actually two arguments- the range of cells to check and also the criteria.
CriteriaConditions the you specify in a reasonable function.
Data BarA cell format consisting of a shaded bar that provides a intuitive cue come the reader about the value of a cell family member to various other cells; the size of the bar to represent the value in the cell- a longer bar represents a higher value and also a much shorter bar represents a reduced value.
Detail SheetsThe worksheets the contain the details that the information summarized on a summary sheet.
Drag and also DropThe action of relocating a an option by dragging it to a brand-new location.
Excel TableA series of rows and columns that has related data the is regulated independently from the data in other rows and columns in the worksheet.
FilterThe process of displaying just a part of the data based upon matching a certain value to present only the data that meets the criteria that you specify.
Find and ReplaceA command the searches the cell in a worksheet- or in a selected range- because that matches and then replace instead instead each enhance with a replacement worth of her choice.
Freeze PanesA command that enables you to choose one or much more rows or columns and freeze (lock) them right into place; the locked rows and also columns end up being separate panes.
FunctionA predefined formula that Excel has already built for you- that performs calculation by using particular values in a particular order in structure.
IF FunctionA duty that offers a logical test to inspect whether a condition is met, and then returns one value if true, and also another worth if false.
Logical FunctionsA group of functions that check for certain conditions and also that frequently use conditional exam to determine whether specified problems are true or false.
Logical TestAny value or expression that have the right to be evaluated together being true or false.
MAX functionAn Excel duty that identify the biggest value in a selected variety of values.
MEDIAN FunctionAn Excel role that find the center value that has as numerous values above it in the team as are listed below it; it different from average in that the an outcome is not affected as much by a solitary value that is greatly various from the others.
MIN FunctionAn Excel role that identify the smallest value in a selected variety of values.
NavigateThe process of experimenting within the arranging structure that Windows.
NOW FunctionAn Excel function that retrieves the date and also time from your computer's calendar and clock and also inserts the information into the selected cell.
PaneA part of a worksheet home window bounded by and also separated from other portions by vertical and horizontal bars.
PasteThe action of placing message or objects that have actually been duplicated or moved from one location to another location.
Paste AreaThe target location for data that has actually been cut or replicated using the Office Clipboard.
Paste alternatives GalleryA collection of buttons that provies a Live Preview of every the paste options obtainable in the current context.
Print TitlesAn Excel command that enables you come specify rows and columns come repeat ~ above each published page.
Scale come FitExcel command that permit you come stretch or shrink the width, height, or both, of printed output to fit a maximum number of pages.
Sheet TabThe labels follow me the lower border of the Excel home window that identify each worksheet.
SortThe procedure of arranging data in a particular order based on the worth in each field.
Statistical FunctionExcel function, consisting of the AVERAGE, MEDIAN, MIN, and also MAX functions, i m sorry are helpful to analyze a group of measurements.
SUM FunctionA predefined formula the adds every the number in a selected variety of cells.
Summary SheetA worksheet whereby totals from other worksheets room displayed and summarized.
VolatileA term supplied to explain an Excel role that is subject to readjust each time the workbook is reopened; for instance the NOW duty updates itself to the current date and also time each time the workbook is opened.
COUNTA statistical role that counts the number of cells in a selection that contain numbers.
Flash FillRecognizes a sample in your data, and also then automatically fills in values when you get in examples the the output that friend want. Usage it to split data from two or an ext cells or to combine data from 2 cells.

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Formula AutoCompleteAn Excel attribute that, after inputting an = (equal sign) and the beginning letter or letter of a duty name, screens a perform of function names that enhance the typed letter(s), and also from i m sorry you deserve to insert the role by pointing come its name and also pressing the Tab an essential or double-clicking.