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I have a 1969 Evenrude 4 steed motor I usage on my beloved old Grumman canoe because that both duck hunting and fishing.The motor has a many years on it but still runs really well.It calls for 1/50 proportion on the oil mix, yet this weekend i took the advise of an older gentleman i trust and ran 1/32.It ran an excellent and ns think began even easier than before.His emotion was there to be no must keep running the 1/50 top top a motor this old and also that I would certainly be fine through a reduced ratio.Does this sound okay to every one of you?Brent
i i will not ~ recommend it. It will certainly probly wear the end pretty quick on that low a ratio.50/1 proportion is because that a reason. Also though its one old motor it will certainly last even longer top top the 50/1.
Actually, the 32:1 proportion is mixing more oil to the gas 보다 50:1.Brent, if it"s running much better then by all means mix it 32:1. The just drawback to to run it that affluent is you have a greater chance that fouling the plugs. Just make sure you carry an extra collection of plugs and a plug wrench in case it craps the end on you. Keep on keepin" on. :thumbsup:
I have actually 2 Ted Williams 7.5 hp the end boards and also they contact for the 32:1 mix. The engine is made by Tecumseh. The 32:1 ratio is 4 oz of oil to 1 gal. The gas. Ns am around to buy one old 2.5 hp Evenrude to usage for most of mine fishing /hunting as I often tend to go areas inaccessible come vehicles hauling larger boats.

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I"m damaging with math and also all the (English teacher, can"t aid it) and thought the 1:32 was less oil 보다 the 1:50 I had been using- shockingly moronic of me currently that i think about it.I guess I"ll go earlier to the 1:50 the motor has actually been provided to for over 30 years.Thanks because that the responses.BrentDoes anyone do a device that makes for easier measuring so ns don"t obtain the proportion screwed increase (as I perform from time to time)?
Brent, if your motor is running much better at 32:1 then operation it in ~ that. Just do favor I mentioned and also carry an extra collection of plugs together backup. It won"t cause any kind of damage to her motor. It"s always better to have too lot oil than no enough.I bought an oil measuring party at Wal-Mart back around Christmas for a buddy of mine who hates do the efforts to figure out what proportion he needs to mix. That was only a couple of dollars and was a clean bottle v just around every ratio you can ever think of published on the side of it.Boy am i glad my critical 3 motors have oil injection. Ns don"t think really well at 3:30 am. :laughing:
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Go come walmart, in your boating/hunting dept. They market a party with number of diff. Gas come oil mixture markings on it. Sure provides things simple ... Rerid=6847PRETA--People because that the Reasonably moral Treatment of AnimalsIf you love pets but don"t lose sleep over whether a fish has feelings, this group"s because that you!
Hey everyone, give thanks to for the input.I gained one that those bottles at WalMart, violating my own boycott (they developed the one in my town on my favorite after occupational upland spot and I dislike all the Chinese crap...but i digress). The bottle will be yes, really helpful. Thanks again.Brent
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