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"Rock your Baby" is the debut solitary by George McCrae. Written and also produced by bother Wayne Casey and also Richard Finch that KC and also the Sunshine Band, "Rock her Baby" was one of the landmark recordings of early disco music. A substantial international hit, the song got to number one top top the Billboard hot 100 singles graph in the united States, spending two weeks at the peak in July 1974, number one ~ above the R&B singles chart, and repeating the feat ~ above the UK Singles Chart, spending 3 weeks at the height of the chart in July 1974. having actually sold 11 million copies, it is one of the fewer than 40 all-time singles to have sold 10 million (or more) physical duplicates worldwide. The backing track because that the record was recorded in 45 minutes as a demo and also featured guitarist Jerome smith of KC and the Sunshine Band, v Casey top top keyboards and also Finch top top bass and drums. It was also one that the first records to use a north machine, very early Roland rate machine. The track to be not originally intended because that McCrae but he taken place to be in the studio, added a vocal and also the resulting mix of transmittable rhythm and falsetto vocals made that a hit. Music movie critic Robert Christgau has explained the song as "irresistibly Memphis-cum-disco-with-a-hook". The chord progression of john Lennon"s number-one solitary "Whatever gets You thru the Night", released a few months later, bear a an excellent resemblance come the one found in "Rock your Baby". Lennon later admitted to making use of the tune as one inspiration. ABBA"s Benny Andersson and also Björn Ulvaeus have additionally cited the song as an ideas for the backing track of your 1976 smash struggle "Dancing Queen". The tune was spanned by indie rock tape The home of Love because that the 1992 compilation album Ruby Trax.

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In the exact same year, the british dance team KWS" cover of "Rock your Baby" reached number eight in the UK Singles Chart.more »

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Sexy mamaWoman, take it me in her armsRock her babyWoman, take me in your armsRock her babyThere"s nothing to itJust speak you wanna execute itOpen up her heartAnd allow the love startOh, woman, take it me in your armsRock your babyWoman, take it me in your armsRock her babyYeah, hold me tightWith all your mightNow, let your loving flowReal sweet and slowOh, woman, take it me in your armsRock your babyWoman, take me in her armsRock your babyCome onOh, woman, take me in your armsRock your babyOoh, woman, take it me in her armsRock your babyAh, hey, take me in her arms and rock meAh, hey, take me in her arms and rock meAhh

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George McCrae George McCrae (born October 19, 1944) is one American soul and also disco singer, most famous for his 1974 struggle "Rock her Baby". Much more »