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LIL JON & THE eastern SIDE BOYZ text - obtain LowTo the sweat drop under my balls (my balls) To all these bitches crawl (crawl) To every skeet skeet motherfucker (motherfucker!) all skeet skeet god damn (god...
Lil' Jon & The east Side Boyz - acquire Low moment-g.comTill the sweat drip down and also balls (and ball) Till all these females to crawl (crawl) ... Come the sweat drop under my balls (My balls) To every these bitches crawl (crawl)
LIL JON & THE eastern SIDE BOYZ text - acquire Low (Remix)Till the sweat drop down my balls (My Balls!) all these bitches crawl (Crawl) Y'all skeet skeet motherfuckers (Motherfuckers) Y'all skeet skeet god cursed (God...
Dan Henig - get Low moment-g.com till the sweat drops under my balls all these b****es crawl Oh, skee skee motherf***er, five skee skee goddamn Oh, skee skee motherf***er, five skee skee...
Lil Jon & The eastern Side Boyz - acquire Low (Radio Version) text ...Jun 19, 2014 ... Come the wall, (to the wall) it rotates sweat drop down my balls (my balls) To all you ... The society owner stated I need to calm down security guard walk to...
The Adventures the Duane and also BrandO - MEGAMAN 2 text ...Dec 15, 2013 to the windows, come the wall, to the sweat drips from my balls, I'm beatin' ya down to the fuckin' ground, acquired a Mega Buster for y'all, c'mon!
THE WHITE STRIPES moment-g.com - Seven country ArmyTaking their time best behind my back. And I'm talkin' to ... And also the blog post comin' native my eyes says, "Leave it alone." ... Make the sweat drip out of every pore
J. COLE moment-g.com - lamp PleaseAnd all the deep shit ns was previously down for. Changed by ... And while the sweat drip ns am reminded. All the times my brother told me the pussy is blindin'
LUDACRIS moment-g.com - southerly HospitalityCadillac grills, Cadillac mill's examine out the oil my Cadillac spills matter of fact, candy pa... ... And if they favor to juggle, acquire long john's - balls ... Hand me down flip-flops, hand me under socks ... And also you deserve to sweat native a burn in the third degree
Daniel Oliver - Naked human body Sweat
text moment-g.com come 'Naked body Sweat' by Daniel Oliver. We space in the back or the car / You space on height of me / your naked human body sweat drips ~ above me / carry out I care? / No I. ... My accrection go down. Her Dad's ... My balls have you kiss marks all over them
KRIS KROSS text - Tonite's Tha NightI on slide brothers top top the deck on mine cellular phone. I'm just ... And also a emboldened on the other finish wanna put me down now ... Reason it's real large pimpin in ~ this playa's ball
DRAPHT moment-g.com - Weather ManGot his win locked under in one H-Block cell. They kill at random, ... Sweat drips turn off my nose, i can't save my cool ... Now it's as well late, the ball starts to roll
KEVIN gates moment-g.com - In My
Feelingsmoment-g.com come "In my Feelings" song by KEVIN GATES: periodically yeah at some point I'm in mine feelings Don't no one recognize ... Blood sweat and also tears got in this ... This hoes want rap niggas or a athlete the play round ... Break The Bitch Down
Katastro - A Junkie and a Gentleman text Nov 25, 2014 You'll swim as tears run down my fuckin' face reason you understand you room ... To shed my left Its colder than every however somehow my sweat still drips I...
Melker project - come The Window, to The wall surface moment-g.comAnd the women, they don't fake it, they get naked down here ... Cops tried to shut me down, haters wanna fight me up. What? ... It spins the sweat drop under my balls
LL COOL J moment-g.com - ns Shot Ya (Remix)And let my balls hang choose I'm ~ above a toilet takin a shit. My style is every that, and also a ... Drink your layout down straight wit no chaser (Word up!) My linguistic combat's favor a...
FALL the end BOY text - Rat A TatNo thesis existed because that burning cities down at together a rampant rate. No graphics and no fucking ... I maintained wishing she had blonde ambition and she'd let it go to my head. Rat a tat tat ... I'm around to make her sweat role backwards
YOUNG GUNZ text - No much better LoveI gained my babygirl. To add she bout to drop my baby girl (off) ... Jus to chill, might ball. Forever my dogg ... Mine mind said me. You were the one that was down (for me)
50 CENT moment-g.com - Hail mary (Ja dominion Diss)Sweat drip acquire me off this trip, someone avoid this train. Part say my brain is all corrupted, fucked indigenous this shit ... Done watched too numerous real niggaz sphere to let this bitch niggaz to win me ... Friend let the roads down nigga, apologize come yo fans
LIL' WAYNE moment-g.com - fall The Worldmoment-g.com come "Drop The World" track by LIL' WAYNE: I got ice in my veins, blood in my eyes ... I'm unstoppable, incredible Hulk; you're trapped in my medicine ball
MISSY 'MISDEMEANOR' ELLIOTT text - I'm really HotMisdemeanor relocate my nookie favor a hoochay. For them hatas ... Simply two blue balls under in yo' underwear. Ns play unfair ... Touch mine chest mine sweat. Present that...
TWIZTID text - She Ain't AfraidI recognize her guy itt's gonna go down just be cool, be cool. She's never ever ... A freak simply for fucking through my balls and my dick ... It could've to be the sweat in my eyes
DEATH GRIPS moment-g.com - Thru The WallsBefore mine eyes, sound of my balls. Dragging ... Drug by demons down your halls ... Check out my blood pour out drip, by possibilities ... That we've forgotten how to sweat it
JAY ELECTRONICA text - simply BegunSmile on mine face, tears the a sad clown. Feelin' the end of place as ns whistle a cab down. If I tip extra, can ... And throw my money ~ above the floor choose the infamous B.U.M. (Uhh) construct a house ... Let's sweat out this alcohol, bet I'm around to ball. And also never...
Monica - Everytime Tha to win Drop moment-g.com R-R-R-Rock then bending my knees, every time the to win drop / ns can't aid who I'm is as soon as they play my sh / ns just. ... You around to gain a taste of the means that we carry out it down here in the A allow me say. Ns can't aid ... I'm talk bout something that'll make you sweat. And also when ... First I lean grab a ball and also then ns pop wit that (I pop wit it)
2PAC moment-g.com - Thug PassionI litter was down with this business, tryin' come clown and get a cent ... Native the means you do me sweat. Give me some of ... It's prefer my hardest carry the grip v the passion, left me to fuckin' greatest. Fill up ... Infant I'm born to ball thugged...
CARNIVORE text - "Retaliation" (1987) albumWalking down the roadways a party grazes off her head. Indigenous a home window someone ... Head between my legs, i kiss my balls goodbye. They're perfect ... Every feet in my body drips blood <3x> dislike is are afraid ... Blood, sweat and gears. The robots of...
AGENT STEEL text - "Unstoppable Force" (1987) albumSweat drips from your. Your kiss of ... Balls of fire, object of light. Metallic ... Make the efforts to heal from the wound friend left on my soul ... He will certainly hunt you down, the is .
Dangerous on The dance Floor text - Musto & Bonesmy moment-g.combox. I understand a girl by ... Twistin churnin drips that sweat a tiny bass ... Huff puff (BLOW) under the home the latin in ... Rita wont (DROP) cuz she's havin a ball
SWORN opponent moment-g.com - "Integrity specifies Strength" (2001) albumreaching down within my me to resolve life a living hell wash your hands ... This time i'll take life by the balls ... Burning v sweat together it drips from my brow
YUNG kris moment-g.com - Racks (Remix)Make me throw my diamonds up, bitch mine life was difficult knock. Had so much ... Better make, sure you posesthe ya girl best 'fore I cock her, down (Flocka!) .
MEEK MILL moment-g.com - Traumatizedmoment-g.com to "Traumatized" track by MEEK MILL: It really hurt me when they killed Shotty i was locked under in my cell and I had to read about it An...
EMINEM moment-g.com - So lot BetterMy life would be so lot better, if you'd just drop dead. I was layin' in bed ... Long as I gained a bat and also two balls it's 'foul' yet my dicks on 'strike' for this reason all the love shit...
J. COLE text - Forbidden Fruitmoment-g.com come "Forbidden Fruit" song by J. COLE: Me and also my bitch, took a little trip down to the garden, take it a small dip (oh no) apple juice fallin...
Pretty Ricky - Wet dreams moment-g.com therefore soaking wet in my wet desires so soakin wet in my ... So ns lay your towel under strike friend on the flo slidin ring ... I make the pussy rain, i make the pussy drip ... Yet u the one who dribble ~ above the balls when i'm suckin the end them sugar walls ... Ns make ya body soak, make ya human body sweat, make ya body weak, make ya body wet
ASAP Rocky - Fuckin' difficulty moment-g.com moment-g.com to 'Fuckin' Problem' through ASAP Rocky: i love negative bitches, that's my fuckin problem and yeah I choose ... Placed the chrome to her dome do you sweat like Keith ... Then simply drop down and also get yo' eagle top top ... Don't get affiliated listen what the crystal round say ... Here's how 1,884 Entrepreneurs room Succeeding appropriate NowDrip.
BECK moment-g.com - Losermoment-g.com to "Loser" song by BECK: in the time of primates I to be a monkey Butane in mine veins for this reason I'm the end to cut the junkie ... And burning' down the trailer park
BROKEN HOPE moment-g.com - "The Bowels the Repugnance" (1993) albumAn enema chilled washes them down. Fatty, mucous, and also ... Moaning through sick ecstasy, she caressed my shrunken balls. I driven so deep ... Blood drips off her finger tips. Drool sags under .... Suckling sweat, semen and also blood. Cold, clammy...

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PRAY because that PAIN moment-g.com - "The finish Of Decency" (2015) albumUp from the hole through the balls come the dick. Impale the ... Grapped she hair, pulled down the head. The limbs go stiff ... Blood, sweat, tears, ejaculate. She lies come ... My knuckles space swollen, blood drips from my hands, prefer semen from my cock
BOB MARLEY text - Concrete Junglemoment-g.com come "Concrete Jungle" tune by BOB MARLEY: No sunlight will light in my day this particular day (no sunlight will shine) The high yellow moon won't come out to beat (t...


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