Imagine walking up to your Subaru Outback v your hands full of groceries. You controlled to fight the switch on your key fob to open the trunk. Together you stealthily balance every one of the bags on her hip, friend reach the end your totally free hand to open the trunk. Except it doesn’t open. What should you carry out next? happy for you, we have actually researched this very topic, so girlfriend are ready if this happens to you.

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If girlfriend can’t open up your Subaru Outback hatch, over there is a bigger problem going on. There are a couple of reasons why your trunk isn’t opening. Right here are few of the most usual trunk opening problems for this vehicle model:

The battery is deadThe lock or latch is brokenNon-responsive crucial fob

You must figure out the basic issue prior to you will be able to open her trunk from the external again.

You more than likely still have actually some questions about this topic. In the rest of the article, we define each of these problems in more detail. In addition, us take a look at at just how to solve them so the you can accessibility your trunk once again.


Why Won’t mine Subaru Outback trunk Open?

Now, let’s look in ~ the main reasons why her Subaru hatch doesn’t open when you desire it to.

Problem: The Battery Is Dead

If girlfriend can’t unlock the tribe or any type of other door automatically, the battery of her Subaru may be dead. To confirm this is the problem, unlock your vehicle manually from the driver’s door. Climate insert your key into the ignition. Rotate your vital to the first position. If the lights, radio, etc., execute not work, your battery is dead. If you have a 2013 or more recent Subaru Outback, then you can’t conveniently open her trunk anymore. These models no longer have actually a manual trunk lock. Enlarge models sometimes have a lock where you can manually insert a vital and open your trunk from the outside. Either way, you need to fix her battery.

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Solution: charge The Battery

A dead battery is poor for plenty of reasons. If you desire to open your tribe or journey again automatically, you have to charge the battery. Contact a friend or find a useful stranger to help you jump her car. Remember that is constantly a an excellent idea to keep jumper cables in your vehicle for emergencies favor this. Once you jump-start your battery, make certain to drive for a little bit to provide the battery time to charge.

If you have mechanical experience, try to number out the underlying reason your battery died. Then fix it. Alternatively, you have the right to take your vehicle to an auto mechanic. Getting a professional connected is always a great idea. They deserve to accurately troubleshoot your battery problem, so girlfriend don’t garbage time and money guessing.

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Problem: broken Trunk Lock Or Latch

If your auto doors unlock utilizing the an essential fob, her engine starts, and you hear a clicking sound when you try to open the trunk, then the stems lock or latch is probably broken. This is not really common in Subaru Outbacks, yet it can take place to anyone. Driving on stormy terrain and frequent opening and also closing of her trunk may add to a broken lock. Some an ext symptoms of a faulty trunk lock are:

After the click sound, the trunk tho doesn’t openThe release switch doesn’t appropriately workNonstop clicking sound when trying to open up trunk

Solution: deal with or download A brand-new Lock/Latch System

A broken lock method you must fix the or install a new one. First, check the lock come make sure it is broken. To access the lock from the inside, you have to remove a small plastic panel. Find the panel, eliminate it, and inspect the lock to watch if over there is a problem. The latch might be sticking, or it may not work-related at all.

Once you check that the lock or latch is no functioning correctly, you must remove the lock to identify what to execute next. This is not a straightforward process. First, you need to remove the entire interior flower panel. Then eliminate the lock and inspect it.

Follow along with this video clip to learn exactly how to eliminate the internal hatch panel:

If friend know exactly how to fix the lock, fix it and also reinstall it. If friend don’t know exactly how to resolve it, you should buy a brand-new lock and install it. That course, we extremely recommend rental a professional to settle this problem. There is no the suitable training, you might break the lock or mess up the wiring of her Outback. Hatchback panels are tricky, and also we don’t desire you come cause an ext damage.

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Problem: Non-Responsive an essential FOB

If you can’t open your stems or doors making use of your key FOB, but your auto starts, climate the problem is probably the vital FOB itself. A an essential FOB can malfunction due to number of reasons. Below are the key reasons your vital FOB isn’t working:

Dead key FOB batteryInternal wiring worry in vital FOB or your carThe crucial FOB needs to it is in reset or reprogrammed

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Solution: settle The an essential FOB

Once you determine the problem with the crucial FOB, you need to fix the accordingly. Either change the battery, fix the wiring issue, or reprogram her FOB.

Here is a helpful video clip to show you exactly how to reprogram your an essential FOB:

If nobody of these choices work, friend may need to buy a new crucial FOB.

How do I Manually open up My Subaru Outback Trunk?

If you have actually the an essential fob on her person, you can manually open up your Subaru Outback flower without having to push a switch on the key. First, unlock your car manually from the driver’s next door. Then press the button underneath the Subaru emblem on her trunk. Now, the tribe will open up without you advertise a button on the key. Remember, if your battery is dead, this an approach does no work.

How To open Subaru Outback Trunk through Dead Battery?

If her Subaru Outback battery dies, the only way to open up the trunk is native the inside. Review the question below for accuse on how to carry out this. Alternatively, you can charge her battery and also open your hatch normally.

Can You open A Subaru Outback Trunk from The Inside?

Yes, you can open a Subaru Outback trunk from the inside. First, fold under the back seat of her Subaru. Then uncover the inner trunk handle/latch. The is located in the facility of the tailgate behind the stems lock. If girlfriend can’t find this panel, consult her owner’s manual. A plastic dashboard covers it. Store in mind the this handle is for emergency purposes, so that is not supposed for frequent use and may be daunting to access. Next, eliminate this panel to accessibility the stems handle/lever. As soon as you acquire the dashboard off, traction up on the mechanism. Now, your trunk must open from the inside.

Watch this video clip for a visual guide:

How execute You Reset The trunk On A Subaru Outback?

The process to reset 2017 and newer Subaru Outback trunks is really simple. First, manually open up the hatch every the means to the top. Then, slowly shut it to the very first latch. Do not slam it fully shut. Only the very first latch demands to it is in activated. The motor will pull the door completely closed. Now, the trunk must be reset. You can examine by hitting the unlock switch beneath the logo. If the reset worked, the trunk should automatically open to the top.

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Here is a helpful video to show this process:

Now You deserve to Open your Subaru Outback Trunk!

We understand it’s frustrating once anything malfunctions on her car. But, currently that you recognize all about the potential tribe problems, you have the right to stay calm and find a solution. Usage this guide to make certain you never acquire locked out of the earlier of her Subaru Outback again.