serious question. Ns am doubtful around this since it would be a style flaw/hazard to placed electric materials in one area that can quickly access. I constantly thought the heated metal inside the toaster is boil by internal components, yet not actually conducting electricity. Am ns wrong?


it would be a design flaw/hazard to placed electric materials in an area the can quickly access

You average like the way they make stoves so that there is certain zero opportunity of burning you yourself or the means they do knives so the there is certain no possibility of cutting yourself? in ~ some point the designer just needs to say, "In order because that this an equipment to function, I need to trust that most world aren't walk to it is in stupid enough to touch this part".

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Yes. A toaster is a collection of steel wires that acquire really warm when you run electrical power though them. If girlfriend touch several wires at when you will short the circuit and also it will zap you.The fuse in the toaster or in your house wiring will certainly break, for this reason you no die. However it will certainly hurt for a second.

Give it a shot and let united state know how it goes, for science.

On a serious note. I wouldn't recommend finding out.

It has actually a wire the is conducting electrical power with enough resistance come actually warm up and it needs to be exposed come the bread to actually carry out its job. And also yes, you can get hurt seriously sticking a knife in over there if the is top top and/or plugged in. So before messing through it, unplug it.

Looking down right into my current toaster, no(while no "toasting"). The power wire and also switch space pretty well shielded off from the knife easily accessible "toasting" area.

NOW, should I press the "Toast" button, yes! The toasting wires are just exposed strength wires (ok, a bit more complex, however they carry plenty of present to shock you).

WARNING! This is my solitary toaster, her toaster may not be the same, the power materials may it is in exposed even with the "switch" off.

DO no ATTEMPT. A ripe volt battery have the right to stop a heart.

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Ok, i don't desire to encourage anyone to repeat it, because I am not 100% sure if ns was simply lucky, or the knife was somehow isolated at the handle, but I did that as soon as (in Germany). I was constantly getting up late in my very first year the university and had the problem of cold, hard butter. So ns tried to warmth my knife in the toaster, when toasting mine bread. The went without problem until at some point I touched the wire. The cutout move (?) fulfilled the purpose and also the power in my apartment was shut down. Ns personally didn't feel anything doing that yet stupid. I never repeated it and I don't suggest anyone to do, but yeah, that's mine experience...