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I to be looking at this pistol the other day. It to be made in the late 80s. That is in great to brand-new shape...been shot around 25 shells, oilded, wiped down and placed in the gun cabinet for the critical 18 years or so.I have actually heard several world bashing them. Are they that poor of a gun? If so, what is so bad around them? What would one pay for a pistol as defined above?Thanks
My father bought me a 20Ga Stevens in the same model back in the 80\"s therefore I might learn how to shoot a shotgun and I have actually used it for searching squirrels, rabbits, doves, and sporting clays and I haven\"t had actually one trouble with it. In fact it has actually never been cleaned prior to in over twenty years and the still works great. Just how much space they asking for it?
I wonder if the Stevens version 67 is the very same gun together the Savage model 67?? everyone know?I obtained one when I i graduated from high institution way, way, earlier in 1967 and it has constantly worked well and is in terrific shape. I think dad payment $35.00 because that it used method back then.Forgive my rambling, simply wondered if they to be the exact same gun?
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Southern Shooter,This is the second time you have actually asked this concern on this forum in less than a week. Ns hope as soon as you speak \"bashing\", friend were not referring to my experiences that I mutual with you.Sometimes, the answers friend seek, might not it is in the answers you like. Right here is the quote from mine answer come you just a couple of threads listed below this one:
Welcome to am no going come bash the model 67, however, i will provide you my experience with them. Years ago I own a 20 & a 12. The reciever is make of pot metal and can be vulnerable & break as mine did as soon as in require of gunsmithing. The actions to be amond the roughest i have ever encountered and also prone come misfeed. Several gunsmiths called me customers retained bringing lock in over the years time & time again for trouble after problem. Savage/Stevens has made some solid reliable guns over the years. The model 67 to be not among them. For the price of provided pumps nowadays, you could pick increase a Rem. 870, Mossberg 500, an Ithaca 37, Browning BPS, or a win 1200 or 1300 and also be method ahead with any kind of of them end the 67. Ns hope this helps.
If you currently own a 67, climate shoot, clean, and also enjoy it & hope the it provides you year of good service. Also, the Savage , Springfield & Stevens 67 are the exact same gun.
He hasn\"t been on the forum the long, that is new, let\"s cut him a tiny slack. Few of us, including me walk not see his first post and also responded come this one. We were all brand-new here once upon a time.

This is the total Opinion Forum. Once you ask a question here around opinions top top a details gun, one must be willing to expropriate all answers positive & an adverse then consist of your very own mind based upon information gathered. That is no \"bashing\" once someone answers her question and even welcomes you to the forum. No one wants to be accused of being a basher. Even a brand-new person have the right to understand the & ns hope he does.Southern Shooter, please let us understand if you purchased the total or not, and if so, my great is that it operates flawlessly & provides you numerous years of good service. Again, Welcome come, us hope come hear again native you.

You can buy them new for $119.00 I can would go $75.00 because that a near brand-new one, maybe. They are an ok gun, much better than a mossberg yet most any type of gun can lay the claim.
Hey Folks,I assumption: v my short article the other night did not go through.I did purchase the Stevens for $75. Ns figured for a varment / HD pistol that can be shooting a couple of times a month for practice that price to be ok. I have two 870s and a Mossberg 835 in the cabinet to take it up the more heavier shooting.Thanks for the input.

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i have actually a stevens version 67 collection e 12 ga. (d 199706) the i\"ve had since i to be 18 and also i\"m 39 now,the gun has actually seen a lot of shooting through them years,and most of the shells were 3in magnum shot and slug,i\"ve had actually no difficulties with this gun,i have actually yet to take it it to a gunsmith to have any work done to it. My concern is,is the gun precious anything for a profession in? please let me know,thanks.
Hi FellersI discovered this website trying to find info on these guns. Long story to follow. 18 years earlier or so my finest friend Phillip and also i were exterior of Tyner KY. And also Phillip to buy a 20ga Stevens Mod. 67 ser. E turn off of some male on the side of the road for $100.00. I told that he was nutz. Flash front to 12 years back my shortly to be mam traded one \"old\" wedding ring indigenous a previous marital relationship to her ceo for a 12ga Stevens mod 67 ser. E and took it to my shortly to be ideal man Phillip and also ask the to hold on come the 12ga untill we got married, (wedding gift) in ~ which suggest he said I to buy the tiny brother to the gun a lengthy time back and marketed it to Calib. Wouldn\"t it it is in cool to have a set? Well lengthy story short I acquired with Calib and bought the 20ga. For---you guessed the $100.00. Anyhow I have been married because that 12 year to mine sweetie and I had actually to do a small work to the 20ga. Huge DEAL!! No matter how junkie these weapons are they are my family\"s guns. I have actually an 11 year old and also a 7 year old and they have actually both started their shotgunning lives out ~ above the Stevens mode 67 collection E.The EndBy The way Numrichs has actually tons of parts for these Shaw family members Gems LOL!!