When girlfriend think the St. Patrick’s Day, you more than likely think of crowds of jovial people wearing green. It’s a work when even those that have also the the smallest drop of irish blood it seems to be ~ to build an unmistakable brogue.

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However, regardless of the revelry and also the diversity of eco-friendly that come every march 17, there is actually a much more serious reason for celebrate St. Patrick. Sure, us all could have heard about the control of the snakes the end of Ireland, yet did you know that St. Patrick is also considered the patron saint that engineers?


Who was St. Patrick?

The actual details of St. Patrick’s life are somewhat murky—and over numerous thousand years of retelling, the details have undoubtedly been embellished or forgotten. Yet the most welcomed version of occasions is the the man who to be to become St. Patrick to be born in what is currently Scotland in the late 4th century AD. His father to be a deacon in the Christian church, i m sorry at the time was widely embraced throughout Britain.

In his adult life, St. Patrick worked to spread out Christianity transparent the british Isles. As component of this mission, he developed churches—including the an initial churches in Ireland, as a matter of fact. Prior to his come in Ireland, building contractors used a dried masonry an approach that affiliated stacking flat stones on height of each other, gradually overlapping the stones to enclose the walls.1 St. Patrick, however, was familiar with more Romanized forms of architecture, including the use of lime mortar. It’s likewise believed that he presented the principle of arches to irish builders, providing them the expertise they needed to build the traditional rock churches that still period the ireland countryside today. Because of this, the Catholic church has actually deemed him the patron saint that engineers.

Celebrating St. Patrick, the Engineer

St. Patrick is usually stood for in imagery with a serpent or snakes approximately his feet, referring to the legend that his control the snakes the end of Ireland with his shillelagh, a form of cane, together punishment for attacking him throughout a fast. Typically, his role in engineering and modernizing structure methods isn’t commemorated on St. Patrick’s Day. At part engineering-focused academic institutions, however, his engineering legacy lives on. In ~ Missouri college of Science and also Technology, for instance, self-styled “Knights the St. Patrick” amongst the engineering faculty are popular for celebrating his achievements through a series of traditions throughout the main of St. Patrick’s Day.2

So, the next time girlfriend don your best green attire in honor of St. Patrick, provide a nod to his engineering achievements as well.

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If you are interested in complying with in the engineering footsteps of the most well known Irish saint, learn more about situation Western make reservation University’s digital master’s programs in engineering.