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SpongeBob's fact or Square Cheats because that Xbox 360

accomplishments Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

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accomplishment Achievement collect 99 Lives. Unlock all ide art. break 1000 Plankton Tikis. uncover the Toy Clarinet. uncover the Magic Conch Shell. Unlock every one of the available costumes. have actually a Co-op buddy, together Plankton, shiver 50 enemies. uncover the open 24 hours sign. finish the game. Upgrade every one of SpongeBob"s furniture. have actually a Co-op buddy, as Plankton, defeat 100 enemies. uncover the infant Jellyfish. uncover SpongeBob"s Jellyfishing Net. find the Krabby Patty. uncover the Karate Gloves. survive all 7 task Tiki Combat Challenges against the robot cretins. rest 150 Squidward stone Tikis. uncover Mermaidman & Barnacleboy"s Ring Box. find the Aquaphone. find Mermaidman"s energy Belt. collection 10,000 happiness Nuggets. defeat 30 adversaries in a row while buff. uncover the Volcano hot Sauce. uncover the Picnic Basket. find the balloon Wand. find the gold Spatula. discover the hot Dog. uncover the #1 Soda Drinkin" Hat. friend watched every one of the credits. uncover Patrick"s alert Clock. defeat 250 opponents with SpongeBob. discover Patrick resting in all levels. Find all of SpongeBob"s joy Objects. friend made SpongeBob thrive old. uncover Squidward"s Paints. find the Bellybutton Lint Earmuffs. find Sandy"s Iced Tea Glass. uncover Snellie"s pet Carrier. Complete any kind of level there is no dying, there is no invincibility. uncover the Heart-Shaped Acorn. have a Co-op buddy, as Plankton, do 100 happiness Nuggets sad. feeding Patrick a kelp warm dog. uncover Mr. Krabs" 1st Dollar.
A Life in a work (50)
Artist Unknown (25)
Born to it is in Wild (20)
Christmas Who? (10)
Club SpongeBob (10)
Costume Party! (25)
Curse You!!! (50)
Graveyard transition (10)
Home Sweet Pineapple (30)
I will certainly Destroy all of You! (50)
Jellyfish Jam (10)
Jellyfishing (10)
Just One Bite (10)
Karate Choppers (10)
Last Sponge stand (30)
Livin" choose Larry (25)
Mermaidman & Barnacleboy (10)
Mermaidman & Barnacleboy II (10)
Mermaidman & Barnacleboy IV (10)
Money speak (30)
MuscleBob BuffPants (50)
Nasty Patty (10)
Nature pants (10)
Naughty Nautical next-door neighbors (10)
Neptune"s Spatula (10)
No Weenies enabled (10)
One Krab"s rubbish (10)
Patchy"s Roll contact (15)
Rise and also Shine (10)
Robotic fury (25)
Sleepy Time (50)
SpongeBob HappyPants! (100)
SpongeBob OldPants (10)
Squid hardwood (10)
Survival of the Idiots (10)
Tea in ~ the Treedome (10)
The an excellent Snail race (10)
Too an excellent to it is in True (50)
Valentine"s job (10)
Walking tiny (30)
Weenie Hut (5)
Wet artist (10)

Contributed by: Guard master


Walk approximately Spongebob"s shellphone situated by his sofa on the an initial floor of his pineapple. Struggle A and kind in these cheats:

impact Effect 4825 2626 3384 3384 6647 2833 3427 4335
All concept Art and also Cinematics
All Costumes
All Levels
All Levels
Black and also White Mode
SpongeBuff Mode
Super strong Mode
Super Weak Mode

Contributed by: sanspro, PA_Dude

SpongeBob's reality or Square Cheats for Wii

500 delight Nuggets (Coins)

Go come the phone call in the an initial floor that the pineapple. There you can accessibility the cheat menu. When there, type in "3141". You will certainly then get 500 coins. You have the right to do this but many times you you re welcome together even more.

effect 3141
500 joy Nuggets (Coins)

Contributed by: Rogue_Agent

every costumes

Go come the telephone in Spongebob"s home to go into the cheat menu.

impact Effect 2626
All costumes

Contributed by: Deadpool1222

every Movies and Concept arts Unlocked

Go come the call in the an initial floor if the pineapple and accessibility the cheat menu. Once there, enter the code "4825". You will then obtain a notification that you have actually all in game movies and concept arts unlocked. To watch this, go to the TV in the same room, and also you deserve to view castle there.

effect 4825
All Movies and Concept arts Unlocked

Contributed by: Rogue_Agent

Black and also White Mode.

First find the telephone. Then go into the code: "6647". If done correctly, ~ you leaving the password menu, the color of the game will be in black and white.

result Effect 6647.
Black and also White Mode.

Contributed by: Rogue_Agent

Spongebuff mode

First, you go to the telephone on the floor floor of the pineapple. You push the "A" switch when alongside it and also you"ll be taken to a food selection where girlfriend can go into cheats. Form in "2833", and also Spongebuff mode will it is in unlocked. This provides the player the advantage of the Spongebuff power up, back if the cheat is activated, girlfriend won shed the power also if damages is taken.

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result 2833
Spongebuff setting (Unlimited increased Strength)

Contributed by: Rogue_Agent

Super strong and at sight Weak modes

Go to the bottom floor of the pineapple and also go come the telephone. Communicating with it will take you come a menu. Here, get in the code "4335" or "3427". This to both have various effects.Code 4335 unlocks "Super Weak Mode", which effects Spongebob"s health, with enemies being may be to do you shed health even faster. Password 3427 unlocks "Super solid Mode", which is comparable to Spongebuff Mode, providing you the capability to take out adversaries with one hit. Return the capability to break points you might break in Spongebuff setting cannot be broken and also obstacles girlfriend can obtain through in Spongebuff form cannot it is in overcome.

result 3427 4335
Super solid Mode (Increased Strength)
Super Weak setting (Increased damages Taken)

Contributed by: Rogue_Agent

SpongeBob's reality or Square Cheats because that DS

reality or Square DS Cheat password

You require to be able to press the l & R buttons around 1, 2 or 3 time because that you enter these codes

effect Gary Sponge bob Spongebob Gary Sandy Patrick Sandy Spongebob SpongeBob, Plankton Patrick and Plankton Patrick, Sandy Squidward and Mr Krabs Mermaid Man, Barnacle Boy, SpongeBob and also Patrick SpongeBob, Gary, Patrick, Plankton
gives friend invisibility
Super to win (kills points in one hit)
take you straight to jellyfishing (basically only skips very first dialouge and also cutscene)
Unlocks complete Happy Points
Unlocks the at sight Heros (everything up to web page 7)
Unlocks the civilization "???" (unlocks whatever up to critical world)

Contributed by: Silent_Scream86

Walkthroughs & FAQs

type Name record Size full Game travel guide
Guide and also Walkthrough by Ash_Pikachu_ 94K