number between speed of sound and feet per second is 1124.027718341. This means, that rate of sound is larger unit 보다 feet per second.

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Switch to reverse feet every second come speed of sound

High precision

If in between speed that sound come metre-per-second and metre-per-second to feet every second is specifically definied, high precision switch from rate of sound to feet per second is enabled.

Since an interpretation contain rounded number(s) too, there is no sense for high precision calculation, however if girlfriend want, you can permit it. Keep in mind, the converted number will be inaccurate early this round off error!


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speed of soundfeet every second

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centimetre every daycentimetre per hourcentimetre every minutecentimetre every secondfeet every dayfeet per hourfeet per minutefeet every secondfurlong every fortnighthorse speedinches every dayinches per hourinches per minuteinches every secondkilometre every daykilometre per hourkilometre per secondkilometres per minuteknotmetre per daymetre per hourmetre every minutemetre every secondmiles every daymiles every hourmiles per minutemiles per secondmillimetre every daymillimetre per hourmillimetre every minutemillimetre every secondrunning speedspeed the lightwalking speedyards because that secondyards per dayyards every houryards every minute

speed the sound

Definition of rate of sound unit: ≡ (1.4 x 286 x (20+273.15) )-2. Rate of sound in the air. However this rate varies in between 295-340 m/s relying on the wait temperature and pressure. Native the NASA formula ns calculated the speed on sea level in ~ 20°C.

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Convert Feet per second to other unit:
centimetre per daycentimetre per hourcentimetre per minutecentimetre per secondfeet per dayfeet per hourfeet every minutefurlong every fortnighthorse speedinches per dayinches every hourinches every minuteinches per secondkilometre every daykilometre every hourkilometre every secondkilometres per minuteknotmetre every daymetre per hourmetre per minutemetre every secondmiles per daymiles per hourmiles every minutemiles every secondmillimetre per daymillimetre per hourmillimetre per minutemillimetre per secondrunning speedspeed that lightspeed the soundwalking speedyards because that secondyards per dayyards per houryards per minute

feet every second

Definition the feet per second unit: ≡ 1 ft / 1 s = 30.48 centimeter / 1 s. Abbreviation is fps. In America, probably this is the 2nd most generally used rate unit in windy life (after miles per hour). Definition: The rate at i m sorry the human body moves 1 foot (or 30.48 centimetres) in 1 second.