Cheat modeAt the options menu, choose the "Cheat Codes" option, then enter one the the adhering to codes come activate the matching cheat function:Saturday Night"s Main event venueEnter "SatNightMainEventSvR" as a case-sensitive password to unlock the Saturday Night"s Main event venue.

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Wrestle as BoogeymanEnter "BoogeymanEatsWorms!!" together a case-sensitive code to unlock Boogeyman.Wrestle as kris Jericho (Attitude Era)Enter "AltJerichoModelSvR09" as a case-sensitive password to unlock kris Jericho (Attitude Era).Wrestle together Curt Hawkins and also Zack RyderEnter "Ryder&HawkinsTagTeam" together a case-sensitive password to unlock Curt Hawkins and also Zack Ryder.Wrestle as Gene SnitskyEnter "UnlockSnitskySvR2009" as a case-sensitive password to unlock Gene Snitsky.Wrestle as Jillian HallEnter "PlayAsJillianHallSvR" together a case-sensitive password to unlock Jillian Hall.Wrestle as Layla (ECW)Enter "UnlockECWDivaLayla09" together a case-sensitive code to unlock Layla (ECW).Wrestle as Ric FlairEnter "FlairWoooooooooooooo" as a case-sensitive password to unlock Ric Flair.Wrestle as Tazz (ECW)Enter "UnlockECWTazzSvR2009" as a case-sensitive code to unlock Tazz (ECW).Wrestle as Vince McMahonEnter "VinceMcMahonNoChance" as a case-sensitive code to unlock Vince McMahon.Hornswoggle together managerEnter "HornswoggleAsManager" together a case-sensitive password to unlock Hornswoggle as a manager.CM Punk"s alternating costumeEnter "CMPunkAltCostumeSvR!" as a case-sensitive password to unlock cm Punk"s alternating costume.Rey Mysterio"s alternate costumeEnter "BooyakaBooyaka619SvR" as a case-sensitive password to unlock Rey Mysterio"s alternative costume.UnlockablesSuccessfully finish the shown task in road To WrestleMania setting to unlock the corresponding bonus:
Backstage: Play as CM Punk, and pin Morrison in the Punk/Big daddy V/Morrison Triple danger match.Boogeyman: Successfully complete RTWM mode with The Undertaker.Brothers Of devastation Entrance: Play together The Undertaker, and make Finlay bleed in week 8.CAS Moveset 1: Play together Batista/Rey, and also have Batista victory the Rumble, Rey shed to Edge in ~ No method Out, and also Rey shed the tags titles against Morrison and also Miz.CAS Moveset 2: Play as Batista/Rey, and also have Rey win the Rumble, Batista lose to Edge at No method Out, and Batista lose the tags titles versus Morrison and also Miz.CAS Moveset 3: Play as Triple H, and also pin edge in the Triple danger match.Chris Jericho"s standard attire: play as kris Jericho, and after the royal Rumble, question Jeff Hardy around being The masked Man, then loss him.Chris Jericho"s Titantron for CAS: beat as chris Jericho, and make Mr. Kennedy bleed in mainly 12.CM Punk Attire B: Play as CM Punk, and put your foe through a table in week 2.Curt Hawkins and also Zack Ryder: Play as Batista, and also spear Edge twice in main 7.DX Entrance, Animation, Music, and Video: Play as Triple H, and Pedigree Randy Orton 3 times in week 12 (if friend teamed with Shawn Michaels in ~ No means Out). DX Outfits because that Triple H and also HBK: Successfully complete RTWM setting with Triple H after teaming with Shawn Michaels in ~ No way Out.Evolution Music and also Video: Play together Triple H, and win in less than two minutes against Batista in main 12 (if you teamed through Randy Orton at No means Out). Finlay"s Zombie Attire: Play as The Undertaker, and help Rey Mysterio defeat Finlay by Pinfall in week 8.Gauntlet enhance in Exhibition mode: play as john Cena, and also defeat Mr. Kennedy in less than 2 minutes in mainly 12.Generic password Titantron computer animation for Create-A-Superstar entrance: pat as kris Jericho, and also make Kennedy bleed on mainly 12.Generic in other words Animation set 2: Play together Triple H, and pin leaf in main 1.Hardcore Championship Belt: victory the Hardcore Championship.Hornswoggle together Manager: Play as The Undertaker, and defeat Finlay in a much shorter time 보다 Santino in mainly 2.Jillian Hall: Play together Triple H, and win the Tag enhance in main 7.John Cena and also Tony"s jeep for Create-A Superstar entrance: Successfully finish RTWM setting with man Cena.Layla: Play as CM Punk, and also defeat big Daddy V at the No method Out Pay-Per-View in less than two minutes in week 8.Locker Room: Play as CM Punk, and also pin man Morrison in a Triple Threat complement in week 10.Old school Chris Jericho: play as chris Jericho, and also defeat Jeff hardy without making use of a finisher as soon as investigating The masked Man.Revolution Entrance, Video, and also Music: Successfully complete RTWM mode with Triple H after taking the advancement path.Rey Mysterio"s alternating costume: Play together Batista/Rey, and also pin man Morrison in a tag Team match.Ric Flair: Play as Triple H, and also defeat Randy Orton at WrestleMania throughout the development storyline, then complete RTWM mode.Santino Marella"s Zombie Attire: Play together The Undertaker, and aid Rey Mysterio loss Santino by Pinfall in main 8. Saturday Night"s Main occasion arena: Play together Batista/Rey, and also hit every enemy with a finisher in mainly 7.Snitsky: play as john Cena, and also make MVP bleed in week 11. Tazz: Successfully finish RTWM mode with centimeter Punk.The masking Man: Successfully complete RTWM mode with kris Jericho.Tony: pat as john Cena, and give Regal and Umaga the FU in the sign Team match.Tribute to The Troops Arena: beat as man Cena, and defeat MVP by entry at the Tribute come The Troops arena in main 2.Vince McMahon: Successfully complete RTWM setting with Batista/Rey.WCW title and brand: pat as kris Jericho, and pin Finlay throughout the complement in week 3.

Created superstar abilitiesSuccessfully finish the indicated task to unlock the corresponding capability for a developed superstar in job mode:Bloodshed: make your opponents bleed ten times and also bleed you yourself ten time (rewarded top top win v blood). Cage Match: win a Cage match in under a minute by escaping. Dirty Pin: obtain a "5 Star" rank against three various opponents who have actually this ability. Durability: loss a superstar rated 20 points greater overall while both having actually orange damage. Evasive Dodge: victory a one-of-a-kind match against two opponents. Pan Favorite: properly taunt ten times in a complement (must not have steal taunt). Hammer Throw: earn an ability within your first ten career matches, then get the "Sit In The Corner" award. K.O.: earn a "5 Star" rank versus every competitor in a title path, not consisting of the title match. Kip-up: Win 6 championships. Ladder Match: obtain a "5 Star" ranked Ladder match versus one that the Hardys. Lock Pick: face Y2J in a Singles match, and escape the walls Of Jericho. Move Theft: defeat twenty different superstars.Object specialist (grab v object): Execute fifty object assaults in her career.Outside Dives: Successfully complete twenty 5 dives in your career.Possum Pin: Defeat 3 superstars who have actually Possum pen to obtain a sneaky pinfall, recording your foe by surprise.Referee Shield: Get five DQ losses, then victory a championship match against a clean superstar.Resiliency: Kick out of a pin at "2" while having two components of red human body damage.Springboard: victory the Cruiserweight Championship.Steal Taunt: Foil her opponent"s effort to steal your taunt (cannot have actually Fan Fave ability).Submission: Attempt 7 Struggle Submissions in one match, and also then win. Table Match: Break fourty tables in your career (announcer tables count).

Editing your created superstar or diva"s abilitiesTo modify your produced superstar or diva"s abilities, restart her career v the very same superstar or diva girlfriend used. Note: friend will lose all your got abilities. Girlfriend will additionally take much longer to obtain Resiliency if your qualities are higher, and also if girlfriend are over 80 overall, you will certainly not have the ability to get Durability. Always create doubles the a CAW or CAS automatically after do them. By act this you deserve to start over with the unused copy and also gain Resiliency and Durability in a much faster amount the time if you end up acquiring unwanted abilities.Career setting pathsSuccessfully complete the suggested task in Career setting to unlock the equivalent path:ECW Championship: Successfully complete the Intercontinental Championship path.Hardcore Championship: Successfully finish the United claims Championship path. United states Championship: Successfully complete the Intercontinental Championship path.World Heavyweight Championship: Successfully complete the Hardcore Championship path. WWE Championship: Successfully complete the Hardcore Championship path.

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AwardsSuccessfully finish the shown task come unlock the corresponding award:11th Hour Save: success a complement when your partner has actually less than 25% health and wellness remaining (tag team match).4 Corners that Doom: Successfully finish a edge grapple ~ above all four corners. A little Pick-me-up: choose up downed opponent 5 times. Every Heart: take finishing moves from opponent and also win. Armed Hammer: Bust a sledgehammer on opponent. About The World: Execute five ecological grapples. Back-Breaking Labor: Execute 7 submission moves to one opponent"s torso. Blood Test: Bloody both adversaries (tag team match).Blown Up: gain tired enough to loss down. Breaking Point: Bust 4 objects. By A Thread: success a complement with less than 10% health.Can"t record Me: Taunt 6 times while the end of the ring. Cardio Monster: Consume 400 units of stamina. Chain Wrestler: Successfully complete twenty quick grapples. Cheerleader: Pump up the crowd 5 times as the illegal partner (tag team match).Cheese with That Whine?: Argue with the ref four times. Continue The Pain: Manually halt the ref"s pinfall count four times. Could"ve finished Sooner: do your finisher 4 times. Group Can"t See: spend over thirty seconds fighting external the ring. Cut The Wire: Bust a barbed cable 2x4 on an opponent. David Whups Goliath: defeat a super-heavyweight in two and a half minutes or much less while play as a cruiser. Demolition Man: damage all the announcer tables. Diva Whups Goliath: loss a super-heavyweight in 2 and fifty percent minutes or less while playing as a diva. Don"t contact It A Comeback: success a match with less than 50% health. Drive-By Grapple: Successfully complete ten running grapples. Duke The Dumpster: Bust a trash can on opponent. Too much Finisher: execute two finishers exterior the ring.Failure come Launch: allow top-momentum timer expire 3 times. Fear Of Flying: climb the optimal rope 4 times and jump down rather than attacking. Flying around The Ring: Hit top rope moves off every corner. Friendly Skies: attach with ten attacks off the top rope. Fuji would certainly Be Proud: efficiently taunt your foe eight times. Obtain Inside Now!: remain out that the ring till the ref"s nine-count. Greco-Roman Master: do not usage a to win the whole match. Haymaker: affix with twelve stand strikes. Hey, Look at Me!: distract referee 4 times (tag team match).High-Rent District: Hit height rope relocate to an enemy at ringside. Homage to The Dungeon: Perform 5 submission stop while the end of the ring. I"m not Done Yet: counter two finisher attempts.Impenetrable Defense: Block or counter at the very least ten attacks/grapples. In Control: Execute five full control grapples. Humiliation To Injury: properly taunt your enemy four times. Invisible Superstar: Successfully complete a complement without acquisition damage. Joyless Victory: Win through very little momentum. Lock Breaker: Escap four Struggle submissions throughout a match.Minimalist: only use a complete of three different assaults or grapples because that the totality match. Minute Man: win in under a minute. Mucho Lucha: attach with five attacks off the peak rope. No cover Charge: victory without going because that a solitary pin attempt. No Kitchen Sink?: Strike foe with five various objects. No Seat because that You!: Bust a chair top top opponent. Nobody Shall Pass: Reverse/counter every attack/grapple in a match. No Paid through The Hour: victory in less than two and a half minutes. Obstructed View: spend two minute fighting external of the ring. Top top Strike: do not usage a grapple the whole match. One-Trick Pony: use one strike or grapple specifically for whole match. Out Of Control: an episode of three full control grapples by one opponent. The end Of Stock: Come up short looking because that object under ring. Pains In The Neck: Execute 7 submission moves to one opponent"s neck. Personal Space: never ever touch the ropes. Photograph Opp: Successfully complete all her Superstar"s signatures and finishers. Plasma Scream: win while both you and also opponent were bloody. Pretzel Maker: Execute a submission relocate to every part of an opponent"s body. Ringland Security: Execute 2 grapples against the security barricade. Seeing Red: win a complement after being bloodied. Showing Mercy: Manually release six Struggle submissions (no rope break).Sideline Supporter: Successfully complete four strikes/grapples from the apron (tag team match).Singapore Superstar: Bust a Singapore cane ~ above opponent. Sit In The Corner: irish Whip opponent into edge ten times. Speed Bag Expert: Successfully finish 35 strikes. Squash Match: Win through 85% that your total health. Continue to be Down: Knock opponent down and never allow them back up. Sticks & Stones...: Win despite being hit with three different objects. Stomp A Mudhole: connect with eight strikes with opponent is in the corner. Strong Like Bull: Execute five solid grapples. Street Rush: Successfully complete ten running attacks.Suit the Armor: success without sustaining yellow limb damages anywhere. Move The Leg: Execute seven submission holds to an opponent"s leg. Table Tapout: Lock on a submission move while opponent is on one announcer table. Take it One for The Team: win a match when you have 33% health or less and also your partner has 75% health or more (tag team match).Take the end The Trash: ireland Whip opponent exterior ring 3 times. Take This damaged Wing: Execute seven submission holds to an opponent"s arms. Taunt Faster, Poser!: have actually a taunt interrupted by an foe three times. The human being Autograph: Execute five signature moves. There will certainly Be Blood: do an enemy bleed in ~ one minute. Think girlfriend Overdid It?: perform your finisher eight times. This Is mine Yard: never ever leave the ring. Too countless 2s: victory by pinfall after five two-counts by either superstar. Tougher than Lumber: Win regardless of being put through a table (including notice table). Unpredictable Offense: victory while just being countered/revered 3 or fewer times. Unsafe Workspace: damage one of the announcer tables. Well-Oiled Machine: execute seven double-team moves (tag team match).Whipper Snapper: ireland Whip opponent 5 times. Wipe The Smirk Off: rest up 3 taunt do the efforts by her opponent. You"ll ache Yourself: take an opponent"s object three times.

Preset entrancesThe preset gateways are together follows:Superstars1. Cut Angle 2. Booker T 3. King Booker 4. Chris Masters 5. RVD 6. Sabu 7. Sandman (ramp entrance) 8. Check 9. Kenny Dykstra 10. Bobby Lashley 11. Gregory Helms 12. Kevin thorn (post-vampire) 13. Balls Mahoney Diva1. Lita 2. Trish Stratus 3. Maria (old) 4. Torrie Legend1. Sgt Slaughter 2. Eddie Guerrero 3. Hulk Hogan 4. Bret Hart 5. Terrycloth Funk 6. Roddy Piper 7. Rick Rude 8. Jim Neidhart 9. Mick Foley 10. Steve Austin 11. Dusty Rhodes 12. The absent Unlockable1. Man Cena 2 2. Kris Jericho (old) 3. Randy Orton (old) 4. Shawn Michaels (DX) 5. Triple H (DX)Champion Entrances1. Man Morrison 2. Man Cena 3. Large Daddy V 4. Huge Show 5. The good Khali 6. Kane 7. Mark Henry 8. Randy Orton 9. The absent 10. Torrie Wilson 11. Trish Stratus

Preset movesetsThe preset movesets room as follows:M-Set01: Gregory Helms M-Set02: Charlie Haas M-Set03: Val Venis M-Set04: Jamie Noble M-Set05: Shane McMahon M-Set06: plunder Van Dam M-Set07: Sabu M-Set08: Sandman M-Set09: Bobby Lashley M-Set10: test M-Set11: Balls Mahoney M-Set12: Kevin mandrel M-Set13: Tajiri M-Set14: Brock Lesnar M-Set15: Goldberg M-Set16: cut Angle M-Set17: Christian Cage M-Set18: Booker-T M-Set19: Rhino M-Set20: Brother ray M-Set21: brothers Devon M-Set22: Samoa Joe M-Set23: AJ styles M-Set24: Christopher Daniels M-Set25: The rock M-Set26: Steve Austin M-Set27: Mick Foley M-Set28: Eddie Guerrero M-Set29: Roddy Piper M-Set30: Bret Hart

Preset finisher call namesThe preset finisher speak to names space as follows:1. Ghetto Blaster 2. Parcel Piledriver 3. Initial Sin 4. Increasing Sun 5. Uber Driver 6. Torture Rack 7. Black color Tiger Bomb 8. Demon Horns 9. Chaos theory 10. Aztec Suplex 11. Cliffhanger 12. Flatliner 13. Go house Driver 14. Hydroplane 15. Influence Driver 16. Perfect Driver 17. Driller 18. Falcon arrowhead 19. Money machine 20. Psycho Driver 21. Imperial Mutilation 22. Shockdrop 23. The Finisher 24. Tiger Driver 25. WMD 26. The Destroyer 27. Aneuyrsm 28. Burning Hammer 29. Beldigo