Difference between Cell wall and cell Membrane

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Cell wall vs. Cabinet Membrane

The cell wall is the outer most covering the the cell. The cell wall covers the cabinet membrane. The cell membrane is likewise known together the plasma membrane or plasma lemma. Over there is no other name for the cabinet wall. The cell membrane is existing in almost all varieties of cells. The cell wall is present in bacteria, fungi, algae and also plant cell. The is lacking in an animal cell and also protozoa. The cell membrane is a organic membrane, i m sorry is semi- permeable. It allows the i of details substances v them.

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The function of the cabinet membrane is the same as the of the skin. It separates the materials inside the cabinet from the outside. The cell membrane offers support to the cytoskeleton of the cell, gives shape to the cell, and helps in the development of organization by it is registered the matrix discovered in the extra cellular. It allows the i of a specific substance; it maintains the potential that the cell, help in communication with other cells, and also act as molecular signals. Protein receptors are present which receives signals from the other cells and also the environment.

The function of the cell wall surface is to provide strength and rigidity come the cell. It protects the cell versus mechanical forces. The function of the cell wall surface varies in different cells. In multi-cellular organism, it is responsible for its morphology. It stays clear of only large molecules native entering the cell and also thereby, avoids toxicity come the cell whereas cabinet membrane avoids entry of smaller sized molecules. The cell wall also helps in retaining the water that the cell, therefore a stable osmotic setting is created in the cell.

The ingredient of the cell wall varies in prokaryotic and also eukaryotic cell. In prokaryotes, the cell wall is made up of peptidoglycans in the within layer and lipoproteins, lipopolysaccharides in the outer layer. In eukaryotes, the primary cell wall surface is comprised of cellulose, middle lamella is made up of pectins which are polysaccharides and secondary cell wall is made up of cellulose and also lignin.

The cell membrane is made up of proteins, carbohydrates and also lipids. Three types of lipids are found ‘“ glycolipids, phospholipids and steroids. The carbohydrate uncovered in the cell membrane is glycoprotein. Other sugars favor galactose and sialic acid is found. Three types of protein are found ‘“ integral proteins, lipid anchored proteins, peripheral proteins. Trans-membrane protein is the other name because that integral proteins.

The cell wall is elastic and also controls turgidity. Plasma membrane is not elastic, however permeable. The cell wall is found in plant cells whereas cell membrane is discovered in pet cells.


1.Cell wall surface is found in tree cell and also cell membrane is found in animal cells.

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2.Cell membrane is extended by the cell wall which creates the outer most covering.3.Cell wall is completely permeable whereas cell membrane is semi-permeable.4.Cell wall is consisted of of cellulose and cell membrane is consisted of of lipids and also proteins.5.Cell membrane is also known as plasma lemma.