While over there are numerous versions and also variations that the Bible, the original King James version includes 783,137 words. In a standard publish format, the bible is well over 1,000 pages.

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The holy bible is essentially made up of smaller books, created by a variety of different authors. Relying on the version, there room somewhere between 66 and also 81 publications contained in the Bible.

Of those books, part are really small. If girlfriend ask “what is the shortest book in the bible”? The answer is 3rd John. In this article, we’ll take it a look at third John as well as some that the other books that do the brief list.

1. Third John – 219 words


In 3rd John, the apostle identifies together “the elder.” that does not tell united state his name and also he does the very same in 2nd John as well.

In this book, he is nearing the finish of his life when Jesus phone call him and also his brothers native the fishing boat. According to Matthew 4:21-22 the younger boys had left their life and also father to monitor Jesus.

A small farther increase the shore, he saw two other brothers, James and also John, sit in a boat with your father, Zebedee, repairing your nets. And he referred to as them come come, too. They automatically followed him, leaving the boat and their father behind.

Even despite James was the first of the practical worker to die for his faith, John referred to himself as the “disciple whom Jesus loved.”

2. Second John – 245 words


In this book, john again identifies himself as “elder” fairly than by name.

Much debate surrounds who the author of this publication might be as result of the dispute over man the Elder being a different individual than the apostle John. Many likewise ponder even if it is or no John described himself together an apostle.

Church tradition adheres to the belief that man 2 and 3 were created by the apostle and also not the secret elder.

John starts the book by proclaiming his love because that the liked lady and also her children. He finds joy in see the faithfulness of Christ complying with His teachings and also he speak of your love for one another as a recommendation to Jesus’s commandment come love God and also your neighbor.

In other words, this book teaches united state that we must love one another but additionally be cautious around who us love due to the fact that we cannot love deceivers and also false prophets.

“Teacher, i beg your pardon is the most necessary commandment in the regulation of Moses?” Jesus replied, “‘You should love the LORD your God through all your heart, all your soul, and also all your mind.’ This is the first and biggest commandment. A second is same important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ The entire law and also all the demands of the prophets are based on these 2 commandments.” – Matthew 22:36-39

3. Philemon – 335 words


In the third shortest publication of the Bible, Paul to be on his third successful mission in Asia come the world of Ephesus.

One of the many human being Paul taught to be Philemon. Philemon was a slave owner from the nearby city and he converted with Paul’s teaching. Paul addresses Philemon as his “beloved brother.”

Paul, a prisoner of Christ Jesus, and Timothy ours brother, come Philemon ours dear friend and fellow worker — also to Apphia our sister and Archippus our fellow soldier—and to the church that meets in her home: Grace and peace come you from God our Father and the mr Jesus Christ. – Philemon 1:1-3

Paul’s message was based upon work, love, and forgiveness due to the fact that that is what he has actually been displayed by God. His message hit Philemon specifically hard as soon as he asked for that Philemon pardon Onesimus and also accept the servant as a brothers in Christ. Onesimus committed a tomb sin yet Philemon to be still forced to pardon him.

I, Paul, create this through my own hand: I will repay it. And also I won’t point out that you fan me your an extremely soul! – Philemon 1:19

The message of this publication is that forgiveness does no come easily yet the saving act the Christ’s sacrifice ~ above the cross reflects that we have to forgive even when it appears impossible.

4. Obadiah – 440 words


This is the shortest book of the Old Testament, yet no less rich in valuable content. Though the surname Obadiah shows up in scripture a dozen time or more, that is unsure if that is the author of this book.

The bulk of this book discusses judgment on Edom which renders this one of the three publications pronouncing judgment on other nations.

The book helps us realize a harsh truth, one the is around our connection with God. The teaches us that when we eliminate ourselves indigenous God’s presence, that the end of our life with Him. We shed out on the eternal grace and also come come a point of eternal damnation.

You have been deceived by your very own pride since you live in a rock fortress and also make your residence high in the mountains. ‘Who can ever reach us way up here?’ friend ask boastfully. – Obadiah 1:3

We cannot live in a self-serving manner yet should instead focus on the needs of others and the requirements of God.

5. Jude – 461 words


This publication takes its name from that is author, Jude, who is determined as the brother of the much more readily recognized Biblical figure, James.

Jude did not put confidence in Jesus while the mr was living, instead, the crucifixion and also resurrection led the to come to be a follower of his half-brother.

His book, consist of of 25 verses, is a letter come the church of the time warning them about following false teachers.

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Dear friends, although ns was very eager to compose to you around the salvation us share, ns felt compelled to write and also urge girlfriend to complete for the belief that was once for every entrusted to God’s holy people. For certain individuals whose condemnation was written about long ago have covertly slipped in amongst you. They are ungodly people, who pervert the elegant of ours God into a patent for immorality and also deny Jesus Christ our only Sovereign and Lord. – Jude 1:3-4

Final Thoughts

Though brief on words, these five shortest books of the scriptures are no less far-ranging in their contribution. Within these brief publications we can uncover a lot of beneficial information and also lessons that room applicable come our lives.