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Internet Premium : 18%Shipping: obtain EstimateSee special Terms for extr feesThis auction company offers a 3% discount to the net Premium as soon as paying through cash or check. Please watch Payment Instructions listed below for more information.">Cash Payment Discount:3% Location: Rochester, MN
This seller meets the greatest standard the service and ethics, andhas created a strategy partnership v moment-g.com.

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Seller ships every items less than 200 lbs., or arranges shipping/pickup forall items end 200 lbs., in 2-3 service days or less, does not mark-upshipping costs, and also discloses all shipping information.
This seller consistently describes items that s right includingany defects, and provides many photos.

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item Description: analyze descriptionSears, Roebuck & Co. Design 25 583.2501 .22 brief Long or lengthy Rifle – 22 1/2” Barrel – Bolt activity – Ted Williams Sears 4X scope – as shownAll weapons will be shipped to a license is granted FFL dealer uneven gun is a Muzzleloader, you room a FFL dealer & we obtain a copy of her license, it is one antique, or you have a curio & relics license & the gun is at least 50 yrs that age.For regional buyers, weapons will have to be choose up from an FFL Dealer because that Registration
Internet Premium : 18%This auction company offers a 3% discount come the web Premium as soon as paying by cash or check. Please watch Payment Instructions listed below for much more information.">Cash Payment Discount:3% authorized Requirements: Valid credit Card compelled for bidding approvalPayment Options: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and also Money OrderVisaMasterCardDiscoverPayment Instructions: The card that you have actually on paper with moment-g.com may be charged instantly after the auction ends.Please for sure the funds space in your account!***If the card is decreased on the first attempt you will be charged a $10.00 organization fee.******We space accessed a fee every time us attempt to operation the card.*** for those who items room shipped us will process the card on paper once the items room packed and also shipping & handling prices are calculated, normally the next day or two. For bidders that live in your ar & would favor to pay by cash or checks please email bob
hawkerservices.com or call 507-226-8591 in breakthrough of the auction and make arrangements. Items must be payment for and also picked up within ten days.Currency Type: USDShipping Instructions: all packaging is excellent in-house, no expensive packaging store!We ship many items the work after the auction close, otherwise no an ext than 2 or 3 organization days.SHIPPING prices = really Postage (FedEx or USPS) to add Insurance, products (recorded at time of packing) & managing Fee.The taking care of FEE is based upon the time it takes to pack your items at a price of $.35 cents per minute or $21/Hour v a $3.00 per package minimum.We room unable to incorporate shipping native auction to auction.Email shipping questions to: shipping
hawkerservices.com or Phone: 507-226-8591Preview day & Times: Previewing accessible during office hours – 8am to 5pm - Phone: 507-226-8591Find us on on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/HawkerServices/Checkout date & Times: Checkout during office hrs – 8am to 5pm - Phone: 507-226-8591Location: 1765 Highway 52 North, Rochester, MN 55901Driving Directions: our office is located in the reduced level of the Schmitt Music building, Highway 52 North and also 19th Street NW. Access from the west side, reduced level that the building.Hawker Services, LLC1765 Highway 52 north Suite 300Rochester MN 55901507-226-8591
All residential or commercial property is offered "AS IS", and also ALL SALES space FINAL. Residential or commercial property is open up to thorough public investigate or with the picture provided. It is the Bidder"s duty to recognize condition, age, genuineness, value or any kind of other determinative factor. Hawker Services, LLC may attempt to define the was in advertising, top top the Internet and also at the auction however makes no representations. In no occasion shall Hawker Services, gmbh be hosted responsible for having actually made or implied any warranty the merchantability or fitness because that a specific purpose. Bidder shall be the single judge the value. We execute take a reasonable time to define the items, however description might or may not define all elements of an item. Us will never ever intentionally mislead, or omit anything that may affect the value or last price of one item.Shipping & handling costs are based on the weight, size of the package, materials & labor, not by what you paid because that the items. Please save that in mind.
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