A serene and also expansive setting of the treasured text by Sara Teasdale. A stunning occupational of choral beauty and also expressiveness. SSA, flute, piano.

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SSA, flute, piano. Duration: 3’30”


(Aurora, Luther College, Decorah, IA; Sandra Peter conducting)https://moment-g.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/there-will-be-rest.mp3



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Composer’s Notes

This was among two works commissioned by Cantare, the girls’ choir (ages 15-18) that the Choral society of Northeast Pennsylvania. The other piece with message by Sara Teasdale is “To Joy.” The premieres took place in might 2005 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The city is by Sara Teasdale, and also the two new works were linked with my setting of one more Teasdale poem, “Life has Loveliness to Sell.” The the supervisory board is in storage of Julia climbed Kvashay, a previous member the the choir who died in 2003. Ms. Teasdale’s beautiful messages are published below and were review aloud prior to each piece was performed. Many thanks to Donna Kvashay, Julia’s mother, for attending the performance and also celebrating v others the memory of she daughter’s outstanding presents as a musician, artist and person. This to be truly one of the many special rose I have been asked to fulfill.

THERE will certainly BE RESTThere will certainly be rest, and sure stars shiningOver the roof-tops crowned with snow,A regime of rest, relaxed forgetting,The music of stillness holy and low.I will make this civilization of my devisingOut that a dream in mine lonely mind.I shall uncover the decision of peace, —above meStars ns shall find.

LIFE has actually LOVELINESS come SELLLife has actually loveliness to sell,All beautiful and splendid things,Blue waves whitened ~ above a cliff,Soaring fire the sways and sings,And children’s encounters looking upHolding wonder prefer a cup.

Life has loveliness to sell,Music prefer a curve that gold,Scent of pine tree in the rain,Eyes the love you, arms that hold,And for your spirit’s tho delight,Holy thoughts the star the night.

Spend all you have actually for loveliness,Buy it and also never counting the cost;For one white singing hour that peaceCount numerous a year of strife fine lost,And because that a breath that ecstasyGive all you have been, or can be.

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TO JOYLo, i am happy, for my eyes have actually seenJoy glowing here prior to me, face to face;His wings were arched over me for a space,I kissed his lips, no bitter came between.The wait is vivid where his feet have actually been,And complete of song and color is his place.His wondrous existence sheds around a graceThat lifts and hallows every that as soon as was mean.I might not sorrow for I observed the light,Tho’ ns shall to walk in valley ways for long,I still shall hear the echo the the song, —My life is measure up by its one an excellent height.Joy holds more grace than pain can ever give,And by mine glimpse of pleasure my heart shall live.