I've been researching the roman Colosseum, and I just want to understand how modern-day stadiums choose the Yankee stadium stacks come it. Bigger, much more expensive, much longer lasting, etc.

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In terms of capacity, the Colosseum could hold about 50,000 spectators, yet that is a conservative estimate. The is still pretty good as compared to even countless top-tier stadia today. There space some stadia about that will certainly host an ext that 100,000 however most are lot less. Yankee stadion is actually about right top top the money with a 52,000 chair capacity. I don't know the sporting area of the 2 to compare yet I'm pretty certain you couldn't beat a suitable baseball game inside the grounds of the Colosseum. Plus, ns imagine a spectator in ~ Yankee stadion is walking to have actually a fair bit much more personal space and amenities than their equivalent in ancient Rome.

I think expenses are pretty hard to compare throughout such a timescale however in state of longer lasting we have the right to say something quite definitive. If we merely abandoned every the modernly built stadia every at once and also neglected lock in the manner and duration that the Colosseum was subject to, it is an extremely unlikely the any significant number of castle (if any type of at all) would stay standing in the kind of shape that the Colosseum is in now. The reason for this is steel. As a construction material, steal has permitted us to construct structures the were never before possible. I-beams, rebar, and the like have been nothing brief of revolutionary because that architecture and also engineering. However, the benefits of steel come in ~ a cost: corrosion. The corrosion of steel over time method that anything construct out of stole or reinforced concrete (reinforced v steel) will must be replaced or will certainly crumble in a timespan that is probably at least an bespeak of magnitude less than what a well constructed concrete or rock structure can endure. The rebar in reinforced concrete is entombed in the concrete but is no 100% perfect sealed turn off from exposure come moisture and other corrosive matter. Gradually corroding rebar broadens (as lot as 4 or 5 fold in diameter). This growth cracks, weakens, and destroys the surrounding concrete. So not just does the corrosion the rebar eventually cause the concrete to shed its reinforced superpowers, it in reality destroys the concrete itself.

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This is why you'll here modern-day commentators ringing the alarm about the US's disk infrastructure, even though that was almost all constructed in the last 50 years and there room still structures from the antiquities and also middle ages that it seems to be ~ to it is in in pretty an excellent shape.