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I can ride my bike v no handlebarsNo handlebarsNo handlebarsI deserve to ride mine bike v no handlebarsNo handlebarsNo handlebarsLook at me, look at me,Hands in the air prefer it"s great to beAliveAnd I"m a renowned rapperEven once the routes are every crookedyI can show you just how to do-si-doI can show you exactly how to scratch a recordI have the right to take personally the far controlAnd ns can nearly put it earlier togetherI deserve to tie a knot in a cherry stemI deserve to tell you about Leif EricsonI understand all the words to "De Colores"And "I"m Proud to it is in an American"Me and also my friend experienced a platypusMe and also my girlfriend made a comic bookAnd guess just how long the tookI have the right to do anything that I want cuz, look:I deserve to keep rhythm v no metronomeNo metronomeNo metronomeAnd I deserve to see your confront on the telephoneOn the telephoneOn the telephoneLook at meLook at meJust called to say the it"s good to beAliveIn such a small worldI"m every curled up v a book to readI have the right to make money open up a thrift storeI can make a living off a magazineI can design an engine sixty fourMiles come a gallon of gasolineI can make brand-new antibioticsI can make computers survive aquatic conditionsI know just how to operation a businessI have the right to make you wanna to buy a productMovers shakers and producersMe and my friends know the futureI see the strings that regulate the systemsI can do anything v no assistanceCuz I deserve to lead a country with a microphoneWith a microphoneWith a microphoneAnd ns can break-up the atoms of a moleculeOf a moleculeOf a moleculeLook at meLook in ~ meDriving and also I won"t stopAnd that feels so an excellent to beAlive and also on topMy reach is globalMy tower secureMy reason is nobleMy power is pureI can hand the end a million vaccinationsOr let "em all dice in exasperationHave "em every healed of your lacerationsHave "em all killed by assassinationI have the right to make anybody go to prisonJust since I don"t favor "em.And I have the right to do anything with no permissionI have it all under mine commandBecause ns can guide a missile through satelliteBy satelliteBy satelliteAnd I deserve to hit a target through a telescopeThrough a telescopeThrough a telescopeAnd i can end the planet in a holocaustIn a holocaustIn a holocaustIn a holocaustIn a holocaustIn a holocaustI have the right to ride mine bike v no handlebarsNo handlebarsNo handlebarsI can ride my bike v no handlebarsNo handlebarsNo handlebars