(L) Teena Marie; (inset photo) stack James, Teena, and her daughter, Alia Rose

It’s been a little over 5 years because the legendary Teena Marie passed far (it’ll be exactly 6 year on December 26, 2021) and it seems favor it was just yesterday that we were getting the news that the songstress had actually sadly taken she last breathe.

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Because Teena lived a private life, other than the time she dated stack James, the led many human being to wonder if it was Rick James that was in fact the dad of her daughter. Rick had a very close connection with Teena’s lil’ girl and they were sometimes photo’d together- simply the three of them.

Teena Marie’s daughter is every grown increase now and she has since spoken out to let human being know who her real daddy is- is it stack or someone else? Hmmm…scroll down to find out…

Teena Marie with daughter, Alia Rose

The dad Of Teena Marie’s Daughter Is…

Alia Rose’s dad is….…NOT rick James! In a previous interview with 2 black color Girls and A Mic, Alia shown what she Mother has previously said- that Rick James is not the pappy, back Alia is very close to him. Alia Rose’s father is a postal delivery man named Peter and here is what rather Alia had actually to say around her real father:

“My Mom has actually mentioned my father’s name plenty that times, people just want to think the my dad was Rick James. As soon as she claimed my father to be Peter, lock didn’t listen that, no, for this reason they’re quiet looking…LOL. Yet yeah, it’s never ever been something the my mom has tried come hide.”

Teena Marie shown Who The Father was Also

Teena Marie with her then on-again-off-again boyfriend, rick James

Prior come Teena Marie’s untimely death, she likewise confirmed the Rick James was not the dad of she daughter when she said:

“She’s a little Sista, she’s simply naturally a Sista. She constantly jokes v me and also says, ‘I didn’t obtain my spirit from mine Dad, I obtained it from mine Momma.’ that funny due to the fact that Alia’s dad is Black; he’s a postman.”

Alia rose with her biological father, Peter Butcher

Teena paid Homage come Daughter’s dad In Song

Teena Marie had actually just perfect recording her 14th album, Beautiful, just prior to she passed far on December 26, 2010, and she also wrote a song about Alia’s dad on the album. The album, Beautiful, to be released posthumously and the single paying homage to Alia’s father was titled “Luv Letter.” It was named after the Marvelettes song, “Luv Letter,” which to be written around a postman, just like what Alia’s father is in real life.

Alia climbed with her biological parents, Teena Marie and Peter Butcher

Daughter explains Her Close connection With The so late Rick James

Alia climbed revealed to significance that rick James was prefer an uncle to her and that castle were very close:

“He had the craziest, funniest voice. Se claimed Rick would say, “Come end here and also give her uncle a kiss,” every time I saw him. He always wanted me to marry his son, Tazman. As a kid, I witnessed the craziest stuff end there in ~ his house. The was every fun,” she said.

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And over there you have it folks! The rumor is final OVER! This is good news because that some and disappointing because that others that wanted that “Fire and also Desire” that Teena and also Rick had for each various other in the early 80’s to have developed a love child, similar to so plenty of of your fans produced as a an outcome of acquiring down to your music.