The model 788 chambered in 44 mag is harder to find. I have been offered an ext than $1000 because that mine on number of occasions


Hello Ryan M,

While this object is a few years old. I believe the last valuation detailed of $600-$700 is still relatively accurate for an typical to market problem model 788, chambered in .44 Magnum.

And once I say median to market, i quantify that as as whole "Good" manufacturing facility original condition.

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If you were offered $1,000 for her specimen. Someone must have actually really want it.

For a lengthy time there were no other .44 Mag chambered bolt activity rifles various other than the uncommon design 788. With Ruger now making one of these rifles (Series 77/44), ns see worths on the 788 holding, or absolutely not appreciating as rapid as they have been previously. Ruger"s 77/44 MSRP for about $995. V discount sources regularly putting castle in the $700 range.



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Model 788 44 rem mag serial is native 1967.
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