After Shawn and Gus muck increase a medicine bust v their utter absence of reverence for suitable police procedures, a fed-up cook Vick orders lock to to visit a three-week crash course at the Santa Barbara Police Academy, under the tutelage the Officer Nick Conforth (Ralph Macchio). Nick graduated very first in his course at the Academy, just ahead of his arch-rival Lassiter, yet has actually never been able come hack the in the field, due to his tendency to walk all to pieces in times of stress.Ralph Macchio! Outstanding. Cross another name off the understand list that Psych dream guest stars. Meanwhile, a variety of check-cashing establishments run by noted crime boss DeVry Longsdale (Doron Bell Jr.) have been robbed, most likely by a small criminal named David Arnold. When one more robbery bring away place, Shawn and also Gus food on Nick’s feel of inferiority and persuade that to take it them come the crime scene, in the wishes of fixing the case first and showing up Lassiter. They spot Arnold fleeing on foot; Nick freezes up, but Gus and also Shawn take off in hot pursuit. Arnold ducks right into a dormitory in ~ the Santa Barbara institute of technology and it s okay away.(Is "DeVry Longsdale" a nod come Avon Barksdale from The Wire? If so, I"m duly impressed.) chef Vick suspends Nick because that his joining in Shawn and also Gus’s shenanigans, then sends the boys earlier to the Academy to complete their training, this time through Juliet together their instructor. One investigation into David Arnold reflects that whatever in his paper -- his police record, his patent plate number, his address -- has actually been faked. Arnold, in fact, doesn’t exist at all -- he’s the production of two computer wunderkinds at SBIT, Chris and Dickie. Despite being under strict orders to continue to be out of the investigation, Shawn and also Gus snoop roughly Chris and also Dickie’s dorm room. They’re forced to hide in the closet once DeVry Longsdale breaks into the room, looking for the 4 minutes 1 million in cash that the student stole indigenous him.Chris and also Dickie used their technological savvy to steal the cash from Longsdale to repay their gambling blame to a grocery keep owner/bookie called Bazo. DeVry kidnaps Chris and also threatens to kill him uneven Dickie return the cash to him. Dickie eludes police custody, will on thefts the cash ago from Bazo to repay DeVry.Shawn and Gus grab Nick and also drag him together with them come Bazo’s store, where a big, messy shootout in between Bazo and also DeVry and Dickie takes place (Gus runs interference by flawlessly mimicking the sound of machine-gun fire, a la Michael Winslow’s personality in the Police Academy films). Nick ultimately overcomes his fears long enough to explode in and save the day. After ~ apprehending Bazo and DeVry, he runs turn off to barf.Nick it s okay reinstated together the top instructor in ~ the academy. He and Lassiter share a tremendously awkward hug.A perfectly kind mid-level episode, distinguished mostly by a nice guest rotate from Macchio, that is looser and funnier right here than he remained in his (strangely underwhelming) recurring function in the (strangely underwhelming) last season that Ugly Betty.Gus’s fake name:Mission FigzAwesome Eighties references:Gus speculates that the awards for superior police work should be dubbed the Bustys. Shawn suggests that Bustys have to be scheduled for strippers or sculptors: “Lionel Richie has actually one.” Shawn, after Vick yells in ~ them for their absence of knowledge of suitable police procedure: “Fine.

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We’ll dust off our ChiPs DVDs and also meet you earlier here Monday morning.”Shawn, ogling his brand-new academy instructor Juliet: “It’s top Gun. I’m Cruise, she’s Kelly McGillis.” to Gus: “You’re Sundown.”Shawn, after finding out “David Arnold” is a phony: “Someone made the up, like Kelly LeBrock in monster Science.”Awesome Karate Kid-specific Eighties references:
Nick, after ~ sternly telling Shawn and Gus your police-issued gadgets are no toys: “Is that clear?”Shawn: “Yes, Sensei!” Shawn, after Nick grouses about feeling inadequate to Lassiter: “Don’t simply stand there and also wax on around it.”