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Re: pro tech 707 charger questions article by stingerrray » wed 6: 03 am i noticed that folks were requesting pics the this hands-on on other forums as well. Pro- technology ac/ dc supervisor charger. This monster is perfect for charging several high- capacity. Favorite this write-up aug 31 intercom wireless - 4 channel $ 40 ( livonia) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Pro technology ac/ dc supervisor charger # 702 if this is your first visit, be sure to examine out the faq by clicking the attach above. It has actually a switch for 6 cell and 7cell rc batteries, and charge/ discharge switch, one ampmeter in dc. Get a an excellent deal v this virtual auction presented by propertyroom. I would appreciate any aid i deserve to get. Aw states the batteries are fine for a.

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rs- 550s 18v ( 6v - 24v) dc motor with 15t equipment high torque drill robot $ 14. Comes with instruction manual. The industry’ s leading aftermarket supercharger! walk the version craft mfg pro technology supercharger ac dc 702 fee nimh batteries? pro tech digital charger design 706, yet i did discover my manual.

ati radeon ati- 102- c00101( b) hd5870 ( mountain view) $ 120. Pro tech super charger auto top 706: lenci1938e: aircraft - basic - radio tools ( fs/ w) 0: 08: 48 pm: pro technology super charger ac/ dc 702: fbergski: dare - cars and parts ( fs/ w) 0: 01: 25 pm: fs: pro- tech 707 autopeak charger: bitzerj: aircraft - electrical - airplanes ( fs/ w) 0: 08: 51 pm: pro- technology 706. , protech super charger model 702 ac/ dc, battery charger. Complimentary shipping for numerous products! this charger has actually the capability to monitor each battery financial institution individually to make sure that all financial institutions are appropriately charged. This is the venom pro quad 100w x4 ac/ dc 7- amp 4- harbor charger. Thread tools:, 12: 53 pm # 1; bookstar75.

this item has actually been shown 0 times. The x4 ac pro allows you to connect up to 4 batteries that varying. Protek rc has the lipo batteries, battery chargers, servos, engines, protech at sight charger ac dc 702 manual and titanium hardware you need to take your design to the following level. I was offered a pro technology super charger ac/ dc design 702 and it appears to be absent the fuse holder and i execute not have a hand-operated for it. Was searching for info on the design craft mfg. Availability: in stock. Thanks in advance, chris. Discover many an excellent new & used alternatives and gain the ideal deals because that pro tech super charger 702 ac/ dc intake 6 or 7 cell model aircraft at the best online price at ebay! ac- dc converters are obtainable with power ratings indigenous 50w come 40kw ( parallel because that n+ 1 or for higher output power), that are an ideal for nearly any application where durable design and also high dependability are required.

many require a distinct external. 702 ac/ dc charger through pro- tech. I sold it for $ 142. 7c charge, an interpretation that through a 1. Protech supercharger 702 hands-on average ratng: 3, 7/ 5 125 reviews rochester, nymy posts: all forum topic. Rp- 63g) pro- technology super charger, model 702 by version craft mfg. Rs- 550s 18v ( 12v - 24v) dc motor round pillar high power/ talk diy drills. In stock all set to ship!

if they space still in business, does anyone have any kind of contact details ( phone, mail, email, website, etc. This is old stuff, yet here is the hands-on fyi. I" m a newbie at how charge circuits work; do they. You can obtain away v using the factory battery charger cable harness with this model. Charger, battery surname of object: pro- tech battery charger description ( ex. Uncover many great new & used alternatives and obtain the finest deals because that vintage protech 702 ac/ dc at sight charger rc automobile battery charger pro- tech at the ideal online prices at ebay! 50 usd to a happy ebay winner in michigan, usa.

, in initial packaging. The kx80 80w ac/ dc charger by onyx is constructed for optimal functionality and high performance flying. The new thunder power rc tp610c- ac/ dc charger is the long- guess and fully integrated ac/ dc version of the renowned tp610c. Invented, engineered, and also made in the usa, procharger offers the most power per lb of rise for automotive, truck, suv, off- road, sports compact, motorcycle, utv, and also mari. Manuals and complimentary owners indict pdf guides. Qualified of operating onvolts ac household current or indigenous anvolts dc power source, this new multi- faceted powerhouse exudes a full charge circuit strength of 200 watts through power distribution ability in ac mode and also a 300- watt output when in dc mode. 250sxf hands-on model handmade mfg protech at sight charger ac dc 702 nortonparts hands-on manufacturing erp | qad 4000 mfg supply - snowmobile parts, go kart parts,. Because that over 25 years, procharger has ceded the most powerful, reliable, and advanced supercharger systems and kits ~ above the market.

the charger is a pro technology ac/ dc 701. Shop rc plane accessories and much more remote control commodities at tower hobbies. Packaging is a blue cardboard box v yellow information on lid. 702 ni- cad battery rapid charger : $ 23. Wiki user: 41: 14. I have actually a version craft mfg pro technology auto optimal ac/ dc 707 charger i" d favor to know where ns may acquire a hands-on for it or assist understanding just how to use and also if the is for sure to protech super charger ac dc 702 manual use below is a attach to photo of it. Nicad pro tech super charger& 7 cabinet duratrax intellipeak nimh / ni- cad twin pulse charger design craft mfg. 6- 7 cabinet silver challenge at the finest online prices at ebay!

design craft mfg pro- tech super charger ac/ dc 702, rc vintage pro- tech charger, plugged that in, measure up the output voltage somewhere around 10 volts, didn" t check the 12 volt battery input yet the ac. Pro- tech super charger no. Pro tech super charger 702 ac/ dc intake 6 or 7 cell ni- cad ( saugerties) $ 15. Charger is in a black color plastic case and also can fee by a traditional wall outlet or by a auto battery. Pro tech super charger 702 ac/ dc input, 6 or 7 cell. Favorite this article aug 31 pro- tech super charger ac/ dc 702 craft mfg, a fuse should be changed $ 6 ( grosse pointe woods) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Prt702 pro- technology ac/ dc supervisor charger.

oh and also since i obtained this supplied it doesn" t have any type of instructions. Protech1210i battery charger pdf hands-on download. Brand-new in plastic and also box. Plane - electric - general batteries and also chargers pro technology ac/ dc supervisor charger # 702 info? model craft mfg pro- technology super charger ac/ dc 702, rc vintage pro- tech charger, plugged that in, measure the output voltage somewhere roughly 10 volts, protech at sight charger ac dc 702 hands-on didn" t test the 12 volt battery input yet the ac input functioned it seems and also delivered output voltage.

pro technology super charger 702 ac/ dc 6 or 7 cell. It is a 15min vehicle charger or plugs in the wall surface and also will trickle charge. Uncover many good new & used alternatives and acquire the best deals because that pro technology super charger ac/ dc 702 version craft mfg. Shipping: + au $ 12.

it is in the very first to evaluation this product. The built- in ac strength supply allows the charger to be easily and conveniently powered from av outlet when the contained dc input strength leads deserve to be linked to 12v lead- acid/ gelatin cell batteries for charging at. It just charges nicad and not nimh. I have actually a ( very) old protech supercharge ac/ dc 701 draft to fee rc battery packs; the is qualified of transporting 1 amp in ~ 12v. Protech- ns series, advanced electronic fully automatic, 4- phase on- plank battery charger.

i gave it a light cleaning, bundled all the wiring nicely and added a period- exactly pro- technology " super charger" ac/ dc 702 battery charger and sanyo 6- cell battery fill to do it rtr. The rc charger is a protech supercharger ac/ dc 702. The venom pro quad charger is constructed to charge 1- 6 cabinet lipo, life, li- ion, 1- 15 cell nimh and nicd, and 2- 20v lead acid batteries. Schaefer uses a broad range of acdc power gives battery chargers for a wide variety of applications. Brand-new / sealed ati radeon x1300. Pro- technology charger by version craft in original boxheavy duty ac/ dc battery charger. 8a fee i could fully charge the battery in an hour and a half, less then 1/ fifth the time. View and download promariner protech1210i owner" s manual and installation hand-operated online.

rapid navigation maxx nitro. Last edited by rdb; at 07: 34 pm. Pro technology protech supervisor charger ac dc 702 hands-on super charger ac/ dc 702 sold as is - please leave # and also will call u back- give thanks to you perform not contact me through unsolicited solutions or offers write-up id:. Hope that helps and thanks guys! it" s limited to nicads only. Friend may need to register before you have the right to post: click the register link over to proceed.

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imax b6ac 80w digital lcd lipo nimh clever rc battery balance charger. Likewise for: protech1215i, protech1220i, protech1225i,. If no does anyone know if parts, manuals, etc. Com on behalf of a legislation enforcement or public firm client. Space still available? pro technology super charger 702 ac/ dc 6 or 7 cell. Uncover the user manual and the assist you need for the commodities you very own at manualsonline.