Since graduating university, Paul has worked as a bookseller, librarian, and educator. Born in the UK, he currently lives in Florida.

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One the the populous states in the US, there are plenty of reasons to relocate to Florida—and plenty of reasons not to.


What Is Life in Florida Like?

Florida, likewise known as the Sunshine State, is the most southern state of the joined States, well-known for its dry climate, diverse wildlife, and plentiful beaches. However, it is actually quite a big, varied state—far native uniform. The Miami area feels like new York transposed come the Caribbean. The panhandle area, which consists of cities such together Tallahassee, ~ above the various other hand, absolutely has more of a southern feel. The Orlando area is really touristy, and the Florida secrets are entirely unique.

I have actually experienced much of the U.S. And broader world, but I currently reside in the Sunshine State. If you're thinking of moving here, there room the relative advantages and disadvantages of living in Florida the you must consider prior to taking the leap. In this article, we'll explore:

The Pros and Cons of life in the Sunshine StateThe price of LivingThe Most popular Cities to move to


To outsiders, the most usual perception the the Sunshine State is just one of sun, sand, and blue ocean. The fact is much more complex.

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The benefits of Life in Florida

Florida is the third fastest-growing state by populace in the united States, therefore there need to be a an excellent reason why so many human being are relocating there, right? Well, below are a few:

It is hot and also sunny many days. and just being an ext pleasant, this way that friend can plan an outdoor occasion knowing that the weather is most likely to it is in good.There's no should shovel snow in the winter! Scraping ice off your car windows is also uncommon, and also there's no must dress increase in special layers that winter wear every time you venture outside throughout the chillier months.There is no state revenue tax. You'll just have actually federal taxes to issue about.There are numerous world-class beaches and also state parks come enjoy. also if friend live inland, the coast is never much away—you can venture out come the coast and be ago home the same day.It's a great place because that yachting, sailing, diving, swimming, or going for a cruise, thanks to the warm weather and scenery. Over there is surfing too, of course.It's perfect if you favor outdoor sports, such as golf and also tennis. Over there are many high-quality facilities and also the weather means that you have the right to play pretty much all year round.


Florida is well known for that is swamps, alligators, and also crocodiles. In fact, return alligators are fairly common across the southeastern USA, the Sunshine State is the only ar that girlfriend will find crocodiles in the wild.

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There are many theme parks—Disney, global Studios and Busch Gardens—and leisure/recreational venues for the totality family. There's never any type of reason to obtain bored in Florida.Plenty that interesting and exotic animal life.Lots the nature trails, springs, rivers, and also lakes to explore. There's likewise the Florida Everglades.The state is cosmopolitan and it has actually a an extremely mixed population—there are lots of various groups and varieties of people of all ages. It is just one of the most varied states in the nation.In many parts that Florida, you deserve to buy a new home for a fairly cheap price.The cost of life is fairly low in lot of the state (though no everywhere).You can flourish oranges and also grapefruit in your own yard.


The flaw of Life in Florida

Despite what it might look choose on TV and social media, Florida is not all sunshine and also beaches. If you're reasoning of moving to the Sunshine State, here are a couple of reasons to reconsider:

The heat and also humidity can be oppressive, specifically in the summer months. Even if you room in the shade, you'll quiet sweat. Whether sat inside or steering in the car, you'll be entirely reliant top top air conditioning for most of the year.The weather have the right to turn nasty sometimes. It rains a lot and it rain heavily. Thunderstorms have the right to knock out your electricity, and also lightning strikes are an extremely common. Hurricanes deserve to be disruptive and destructive if they come close to you.Florida is completely flat, and it have the right to make driving approximately tedious. If you like mountains, hills. And also valleys, this state is no for you.There are numerous bugs everywhere, several of which are very huge in size. The roaches and the fruit flies space a actual nuisance, and you need to be scrupulously tidy when food preparation or dealing with food. There are also snakes, spiders, and also scorpions to compete with, as well as hordes that bloodthirsty mosquitoes.Some areas of Florida can be an extremely touristy and also over-commercial, especially in the Orlando area.


The Shangri-la Hotel in southern Florida. The Sunshine State makes lot of its revenue from tourism, especially the Orlando area. Some human being find all the tourism also much.


The state's population is exploding, i m sorry is placing raising strain on its infrastructure and natural resources, such together water.There is very small public transport—you have to drive everywhere. The only land travel alternatives to the vehicle are buses, i m sorry offer only a very minimal service in most places.You don't really get 4 seasons—it simply gets much less hot and humid in the winter. If you choose to endure the progressions that spring, summer, fall, and winter, you can be disappointed.If you like building snowmen, throw snowballs, sledding, or it s as beautiful as picture snowy scenes blanketed in white, be ready to be disappointed—there's no snow.South Florida suffers from high crime rates and also a an extremely high expense of living in some places.The chauffeurs are terrible. The roads are normally good, but there is a most low quality, unsafe, and crazy driving that takes place.
A cruise delivery at vital West. The secrets are a unique component of Florida v no real equivalent almost everywhere in the world.


My parents didn't want to move to Florida, however they rotate sixty and that's the law.

— Jerry Seinfeld

How lot Does It cost to Live in Florida?

Florida is no the cheapest state come live in, yet it's not the many expensive either. A 2018 inspection by the council for ar & financial Research (C2ER) ranked Florida together the 30th many affordable state in the US regarding the expense of living.

The expense of living varies significantly depending on the part of Florida, native the supervisor expensive to the an extremely reasonable. Your endure will likewise be affected by the place that girlfriend come from due to the fact that that's what you'll compare it to.

Because Florida is a popular destination for celebrities, retirees, and also families chasing warmth and sunshine, housing in high demand. Despite the price of groceries, utilities, and general costs are similar to the United claims average, what provides Florida more expensive is the cost of housing—the median home expenses $230,000, whereas the median price for a U.S. Home is $200,000 dollars. Perform keep in mind, however, that these prices might vary widely depending on which country you're looking come live in.

Considering that popularity among retirees and rich civilization with vacation homes, the price of life is not so bad. It's necessary to be affected by each other in mind, however, that the minimum wage in Florida is $8.25—far listed below $11.75, which is taken into consideration to it is in a livable wage.

Florida is home to a number of significant cities, including: Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, Tallahassee, Saint Petersburg, and also Fort Lauderdale.


The ideal Places come Live in the Sunshine State

If the cons listed above aren't enough to scare you away from relocating to Florida, here is a list of some of the most popular cities come live in. Save in mind that Florida is a huge state, and also there space plenty that other areas to live alongside the ones provided here, such as Pensacola, Jacksonville, St. Petersburg, Boca Raton, and also Sarasota, to name a few. Make sure to execute your study so that you can discover the area that's right for you and also your lifestyle.


Miami is probably what most people think of as soon as they think around moving to Florida. It has the beaches, the year-round warmth, and diversity and also feel the a big, city city.

However, the does have actually its downsides: there is a most traffic, a greater cost of living than much of the state, and the world are rude—on par through the get-out-of-my-way culture of big cities together as brand-new York and Los Angeles.


Orlando is a fun, vivid city with lots of things come do. If you favor theme parks, this is your place—Disneyworld, global Studios, and SeaWorld are right at her doorstep. For its size, it's a quite clean city, and also it has far more to discover than your typical tourist destinations.

On the flip side, Orlando is one of the most populous cities in Florida, and also that way one thing—traffic. About 70 million tourists visit Orlando each year. If offering directions to strangers bothers you, this is not the city for you.


Tampa is a large city through plenty of job opportunities and also inexpensive housing. It likewise has fairly a couple of colleges, such together the university of southern Florida and also the university of Tampa. Ideal of all, it's in nearby proximity to numerous great, clean beaches, such as St. Pete's Beach and Indian Rocks Beach.

Unfortunately, Tampa gets a many visitors every winter native "Snowbirds," or world escaping the cold winters of greater latitude states, congesting the roads. The wages are also lower and have less development than other cities of a similar size in the country.


Naples, Florida is a city ~ above the Western shore of Florida. It is among the wealthiest urban in the unified States, and also it's no mystery as come why—Naples is for sure beautiful. Through gorgeous beaches, Everglades national Park at its doorstep, and also a an excellent food scene, the millionaires flock to buy genuine estate in the city.

On the downside, the high relationship of affluent people way that the expense of living deserve to be high compared to other parts that the state. That is quite famous with the rich and also elderly, which method that those of you who don't fit right into either of this two teams may feel a bit out the place.

Florida isn't so lot a place where one goes to reinvent oneself, as it is a place where one walk if one no much longer wishes to it is in found.

— Douglas Coupland

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Questions & Answers

Question: How warm does it gain in the Cape Coral area of Florida during winter?

Answer: January is the coldest month. Temperatures can be between 54 and also 75 degrees Fahrenheit, with an typical temperature of approximately 64.

Question: execute I need a Visa to live in Florida?

Answer: If you are not one American citizen, they girlfriend will usually need a visa or eco-friendly card come live there complete time. Visas generally cover details circumstances, together as research or work, and also may no longer be valid should those circumstances change. A eco-friendly card holder is classified together a "permanent resident" v the best to work and live in the USA complete time. Qualification because that visas and green cards and also residency rights normally depend top top the circumstances of the applicant.

Question: What space the summers in Florida like?

Answer: Florida summers often tend to it is in hot and also humid, thunderstorms room common. Civilization tend to perform outdoor tasks throughout the morning or evening, if they can, in order to prevent the afternoon heat. The coastal areas of Florida are typically slightly cooler and an ext comfortable 보다 inland locations during the summer months. Insects are much much more prevalent once the weather is warm and you are an ext likely to be bitten.

Question: What is the coldest it has ever remained in Florida?

Answer: The coldest temperature ever recorded to be 2 degrees listed below zero top top Feb. 13, 1899, in Tallahassee. (Source: NOAA)

Question: Do people in Florida celebrate Christmas?

Answer: Yes, world celebrate Christmas simply as they perform in other parts that the USA, also though the weather is often reasonably warm and also sunny, and also there is little chance of snow. Decorations such as snowmen and also reindeer and also tinsel-wrapped palm trees can seem a small odd if you room not offered to it.

Question: What is the coolest month in Florida?

Answer: January has the shortest temperatures. December and also February are the next coldest.

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Jim top top July 27, 2020:

Reality Florida is hot, Humid an insect infested , additionally infested with huge python snake which unfortunately were lugged in, aboriginal alligators in abundance, and people are somewhat prejudice and ignorant. You’ll uncover the ignorrents most with the so call native Floridians. Rather a nice location to visit for a short time but I personally would desire to live there. If Disney civilization wasn’t over there tourism would be down 1/3. The website traffic at times can be horrendous and Hurricane season is no joke.

But the roads mostly have building and construction or normally blocked

Keidynce on in march 26, 2019:

How is the weather, crime, that type of ingredient in West Palm Beach, FL?

Nancy ~ above February 18, 2019:

whoever claimed that around a allow for every little thing was incorrect. That's only if girlfriend live in one HOA.

Jimmyj top top February 01, 2019:

I likewise understand the you will require a permit for everything. Also trimming your own trees.

I would certainly love a home on a channel come the gulf.

Chris top top November 05, 2018:

I’d choose to move. Not as well sure about the wife...

anonomous on June 04, 2018:

this assisted alot! thx for the pros and also cons.

Eric on February 22, 2018:

Planning to relocate to Vero coast from Audubon, PA this summer. Any kind of info, great and bad, would certainly be appreciated!

Paul Goodman (author) from Florida, USA top top June 05, 2017:

Generally speaking, the coasts get worse struggle by hurricanes. Inland is more secure in that respect.

Alisha on June 05, 2017:

Is over there any certain cities the are safer to live in 보다 others for weather conditions

Brookie84 on may 30, 2017:

I moved from Virginia around a month ago found a great service. They actually went to go examine out a couple of houses and also the area wherein I to be looking (mytruecity) so far Florida has been an excellent to me and also my household nice people and tons come do

Zee on might 16, 2017:

I'm a NY'er all my life. Brooklynite, for the matter. Provided to living in one apt building, many noise, convenience of having actually every and any amenity in ~ a snap of mine fingers. I'm 45 raising two children (12 &8). I'm worn down of the schools, excessive traffic, lack of space and the anxiety of planning to obtain to places outside of my immediate area. So, probably it's time because that a change?

How does FL compare to So. California?

Lee on November 19, 2016:

We moved to Tallahassee practically a year ago, and we love it. We moved from Ohio. We perform not miss Ohio in ~ all. The people in Tallahassee room so nice, and also we room loving the weather. Living costs have to be much an ext reasonable than Ohio. Mine advice come anyone that is able to move and also you desire to move: Move! You will not be disappointed.

Michael on November 17, 2016:

Florida is amazing for a couple of things, if you like the beach but don't want to live in Miami or ft Lauderale and have a family members their, you have actually Weston a inland city just 20-49 minutes away from fort Lauderale and also it ranked the 14th best U. S city, buildings are normally 2 or 1 story and also it has some that the finest Schools in America, as lengthy as you avoid Opa Locka and tiny Haiti, you have no problem, also, Florida is good for business and also the air top quality is constantly great, as a residents of Weston, FL I can tell you the truth around it all.

Mary on July 29, 2016:

I simply moved come Florida 3 months back and ns agree with all points. My just true complain is the CON of the drivers! I assumed the tri-state area and NJ Garden State Parkway and Turnpike was dangerous. Gain these 15 and 16 year olds off the road and also reconfigure roads so there are no reduced thru without having to go to a light. To lot traffic for that.

Otherwise i love that here and happy with my decision! living in Tampa/St. Petersburg area and very pleased. Perform not allow no state taxation fool girlfriend - it expenses the very same to live below as that does in NJ!

Clementine on might 27, 2016:

Article created to try to discourage new people to move to the state. We have actually the same trouble of over population in the state we live in, so people try to tell every the negatives around living below so the they won't come.

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Most human being that move to Florida recognize what lock are gaining into, for those who don't, they space the people who have the an adverse viewpoint and dwell ~ above it.