A database is an organized collection of ________ related data. A. Loose B. Bad C. Physically D. Logically
Program-data dependence is caused by: A. Data relying on the program that usage them. B. Paper descriptions gift stored in each database application. C. Data descriptions being stored on a server. D. Programs depending on the data lock use.

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Because applications are often developed independently in document processing systems: A. Data can always be shared with others. B. The data is constantly non-redundant. C. Over there is a large volume of file IO. D. Unplanned duplicate data records are the dominance rather 보다 the exception.
Relational databases establish the relationships in between entities by way of common fields (keys) included in a file (or table) dubbed a(n): A. Relation. B. Association. C. Relationship. D. Entity.
A(n) ________ is often developed by identifying a type or report the a user needs on a regular basis. A. Enterprise view B. User photo C. Reporting paper D. User view
A graphical device used to record the nature and also relationships amongst data is called a(n): A. Relational database B. Data model. C. Hypertext graphic. D. Graphics user interface (GUI).
All of the adhering to are nature of metadata EXCEPT: A. Relationship in the data structure.. B. Rules or constraints. C. Data definitions. D. Processing logic.
A person, place, object, event, or concept around which the organization wishes design for a database is referred to as a(n):A. Relationship. B. Attribute. C. Object. D. Entity.
________ room established in between entities in a data design in order come depict just how they connect with every other. Relationships Ties present Entities
With the database approach, data descriptions space stored in a central location well-known as a: server. mainframe. database. repository.
________ is a tool also non-programmers have the right to use to accessibility relevant and also desired info from a database. ASP.NET Data manipulation questions language ODBC Structured ask language
Which of the adhering to is no an advantage of database systems? much better data high quality decreased program maintenance Program-data independence redundant data
A dominance that cannot be violated by database users, and also that help to ensure data quality, is called a: password. program. constraint. syntax rule.

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In a record processing environment, descriptions because that both the data and the logic because that accessing the data are constructed into: fields. applications programs. SQL query. database descriptors.