The Catholic university of Puerto Rico institution of regulation was founded in 1948 and also is resolved in an area of 124 acres in the City the Ponce, Puerto Rico ~ above the Catholic college of Puerto Rico main campus. The legislation school is situated in the Spellman Building and was founded in 1961 by Monsignor Fremiot Torres Oliver. The legislation school received the accreditation indigenous the Puerto Rican Superior education Council that Puerto Rico on April 13, 1964. The American Bar association granted provisional accreditation on April 13,1967 and also final accreditation on august of 1972. The regulation School offers the course of study bring about the J.D. Level through a three year permanent day anda four year part-time night programs. The law school admits students because that its loss (August) and also spring (January) sessions. It offers two Joint level Programs, the J.D./M.B.A. And also J.D./M.P.A. With the college graduate programs.

Contact information

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Quick Facts

Founded: 1948 ABA Accredited: Yes AALS Member: No


US News Week: N/A Vault height 25: N/A Median LSAT: 133 Median GPA: 0.00 Acceptance Rate: 81% Catholic law School is thought about a Somewhat Competitive law school, i m sorry accepts only 81% that its applicants. Comparatively, is Lower 보다 the average price for law school.

Applications offers Matriculated 25% mean 75%
Class the 2025 291 235 (80.76%) 195 (67.0%)
GPA 0.00 0.00 0.00
LSAT 130 133 137

Tuition and also Financial Aid

In-State resident Non-Resident
Full Time $16,718 N/A
Part Time $12,018 N/A
Living expenses Living on-campus: $11,470 Living off-campus: $16,684 Living in ~ home: $10,035

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Important Dates

Early Decision 1: N/A Early Decision 2: N/A Regular Decision: N/A Application Fee: $75