The lake is personified as a monster. Just how does this fit right into the plot that Their eyes Were the town hall God?
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Their eye Were the town hall Godis a novel created by Zora Neale Hurston. It was an initial published in 1937 and follows the life that Janie Crawford, that is afri American.

In the second part of the book, Janie gets married come Vergible Woods, additionally knowns a “ Tea...

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Their eyes Were the town hall God is a novel written by Zora Neale Hurston. The was first published in 1937 and also follows the life of Janie Crawford, who is african American.

In the second component of the book, Janie it s okay married come Vergible Woods, likewise knowns a “Tea Cake.” despite their partnership being violent at times, Janie is in love through Tea Cake. However, following the hurricane, their relationship declines significantly. This is fits in very well with the reality that the lake is personified together a “monster,” due to the fact that it is simply after this allude that the reader watches on as their connection becomes progressively unhappy.

During the hurricane, Lake Okeechobee is explained as “roar(ing)," and the writer refers come it together a “beast” which “ran forward” and also “rushed on,” damaging everything about it. Throughout their attempt to rescue themselves, a dog bites Tea Cake. Soon after, this wound becomes infected and Tea Cake’s health declines. Because of his illness, Tea Cake becomes mentally ill. He endangers Janie through a pistol, which outcomes in Janie shoot him in self-defense.

One could because of this say that there are two reasons for personifying the lake as a monster in the story. First, the lake behaves favor a monster during the storm. Second, the lake and also the storm are the factors Tea Cake is bitten through the dog, which ultimately leads to his death. Metaphorically speaking, the lake behaves favor a monster because it kills Tea Cake.

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The significance of the storm for this novel, and also therefore that the monstrous lake, is further underlined by the fact that the author uses the wording the the title once describing the people, who were wait for the storm to pass: “They seemed to be staring at the dark, but their eyes were watching God.” This reflects how significant this occasion is because that the storyline. World feel helplessly exposed come the force of nature and also the elements. So solid is the hurricane that in the eyes of the people, they room watching either the lake acting prefer a “beast” or God demonstrating his power.