(To hear united state talk)The tree the tempest through a crash of woodThrows down in front of us is no barOur i to our journey"s finish for good,But just to ask us who us think us areInsisting constantly on our own method so.She likes come halt united state in our runner tracks,And do us get down in a foot of snow

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Debating what to carry out without an ax.And however she to know obstruction is in vain:We will certainly not be placed off the final goalWe have actually it covert in united state to attain,Not though we have to seize planet by the poleAnd, tired of indifferent circling in one place,Steer straight off ~ something into space.


we are people bent ~ above subduing nature in the name of progress. Sometimes nature"s power offers us a slight pause, however we proceed on in our hubris and confidence. Once we destroy this earth we will begin on Space.

" We will certainly not be put off......in us to attain" - Each one of us has actually felt the driving pressure inside us. The poet has talked for all. A an excellent poet indeed!

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