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Now ain't naught gonna avoid meAnd I'mma was standing on mine ownAnd throw "L's" because that my Ol' Kentucky HomeYeah it's grimy under here but it's every hoodWe save a huge block engine under our hoodNow if i make money climate the city make moneyIt's all good they get nothing however love native meCus i was born below (born here!) raised here (Raised here!)When ns leave here, bury my dig hereUntil climate I'mma ride and also drink liquor, punch SwishersSit earlier collect my thoughts by the riverI'm a bluegrass CEO catTrying to acquire my young homies the end the projectsShow lock a method they can turn lock money legalWhen the feds begin to sweep I bob and weave on lock peopleStay ahead of the game, quick to readjust it up on 'emSet a level for the game rapid to progressive it increase on 'emBluegrass, KDChorusIt's okay, hop in with your guys to the river and we taking the earlier wayWe don't mind that you are just ride come the rhythm have a sip in the sunshineCome on down wherein the bluegrass rolls, and the country cold wind blowsWhere the city lamp still glowTo mine Ol' Kentucky Home, my Ol' Kentucky Home
Hi mayne, chillin' by the river, dawgOld institution shotgun fishin pole and also liquor dawgI ain't tryin to capture no kinda bass or catfishI'd rather sling rocks ~ above the ave v a poor chickScales this monitor is warm lets make it a quit hitThey hating on mine mess and also ya view I get mad chipsIn kentucky quit whipsAnd kentucky blast cripsIn kentucky the ain't lucky to get discovered in a casketYa im city life chillin but im country at heartOld institution no shoes once we roll threw the parkOld dudes no rules as soon as we role threw the parkGoodfella hood dwella reppin' win ParkAnd that chicken's finger lickin and the digits obtained me finger lickin'Countin' scrilla indigenous the chickens that i be pitchin' out the kitchenTrying to do a 100 million the end this businessGoodfella, KD, Villebillies, Nappy roots chillinChorusThey say welcome to the 502Taking Georgia boys show em how Kentucky doOld caprice classics paint Kentucky blueThey speak don't forget 270 us hittin' tooSome speak to it blue grass some contact it purpleI'mma contact it home, take it a shoot of p'troneLay ago in the 'Lac and take two to the domeRiding indigenous Da Ville to B.G. In mine zone

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Let me here you sayHigh time sittin' by the riverGot mine old shotgun fishin' pole and my liquorCus people constantly trying come tell me exactly how to operation my lifeWhen they speak I'm law wrong and I swear I'm law rightHigh time sittin' by the riverGot my old shotgun fishin' pole and my liquorI to speak it's time to take it our children where the grass is blueAnd peep just how the mid southern doChorus