No Car(46 points)Exercise(23 points)Save Gas(20 points)Environment(7 points)

2. Surname A reason Why A pair Decides To move In Together(4 answers)

In Love(30 points)Save money(29 points)Getting Married(29 points)kids Together(10 points)

3. Surname A Profession that Would need You To conserve Someone’s Life.(4 answers)

Dr./Nurse(57 points)Lifeguard(22 points)Firefighter(14 points)Paramedic(6 points)

4. Name Something human being Do To save Energy about The House(5 answers)

Turn off Lights(55 points)Set Thermostat Low(23 points)Use much less A/C(9 points)Efficient Bulbs(4 points)Unplug Electronics(3 points)

5. Surname Something world Do through Pennies.(5 answers)

Save Them(68 points)Throw In A Fountain(12 points)Roll them Up(9 points)Throw lock Away(3 points)Spend Them(3 points)

6. Name Something Couples do Months In advance To Prepare For having A Baby.(6 answers)

Buy Clothes(27 points)Save Money(26 points)Buy Crib(19 points)Decorate Nursery(11 points)Have infant Shower(10 points)Choose A Name(4 points)

7. Name Something from Childhood the Many human being Save.(6 answers)

Photos(44 points)Toys(19 points)Blanket(11 points)Baby Teeth(7 points)Clothes(7 points)Doll(6 points)

8. Surname Something A Married pair Saves From your Wedding Day.(6 answers)

Cake Top(63 points)Pictures(11 points)Ring(8 points)Dress(6 points)Matchbook(3 points)Flowers(3 points)

9. Name Something girlfriend Buy To save Money In The long Run.(6 answers)

Economical Car(36 points)House/Improvement(26 points)Stocks/Savings Plan(15 points)washer/Appliance(9 points)Insurance(6 points)Groceries(5 points)

10. If You were Going To to fill In because that James Bond, name Something You’d need to Learn just how To Do.(6 answers)

Drive Fast(30 points)Shoot(26 points)Fight(20 points)Save The World(6 points)Kiss Well(6 points)Use Gadgets(6 points)

11. Surname Something Of her Child’s the A mom Would conserve Forever.(6 answers)

Lock Of infant Hair(40 points)Photos(27 points)Baby Teeth(18 points)Clothes(5 points)Blanket(5 points)Artwork(3 points)

12. Name A specific Expense that You’d conserve On If You no Have any kind of Kids(7 answers)

Food(58 points)Clothes(18 points)Diapers(6 points)Education(5 points)Toys(5 points)Childcare(3 points)Vacation(3 points)

13. Name A Popular new Year’s Resolution(7 answers)

Lose Weight(51 points)Quit Smoking(20 points)Exercise(9 points)Do much better In School(6 points)Quit Drinking(5 points)Be A better Person(4 points)Save Money(3 points)

14. Name Something civilization Donate That deserve to Save A Life(2 answers)

Organ(47 points)Blood(38 points)

15. Surname A Movie With words “Last” In The Title(2 answers)

Save The last DanceThe critical Samurai(12 points)

16. Marriage around To Fail, What carry out You carry out To conserve It(4 answers)

CounselingTalkVacationMore Time Together


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Way To conserve Money ~ above Groceries(5 answers)

CouponsEat LessSalesBuy In BulkBuy generic Brands

18. Surname A ar Where You dislike To conserve Seats because that People(5 answers)