Monster Bone + is a handy material in Monster Hunter World, used for crafting and upgrades. Here are the finest places to uncover this rare drop.

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Monster Bone + is a handy material to have actually in Monster Hunter World. It’s offered to craft a few dozen or therefore armor pieces and many weapons usage a few Monster Bone +s for upgrades. Relying on what you want to upgrade you’re walking to require a few dozen before the playthrough is over.

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This have the right to be problem considering Monster Bone + is a rarely drop and also there are only a couple of sources with decent drop rates to get some. However, there are a couple of optional quests in the video game that you can grind over and over again to develop up her stash in this an excellent action-RPG. These space the best places to uncover Monster Bone +.

The Invader In The waste is different from the various other quests on this list since it’s a compelled story mission, necessary in order come progress. It’s also not replayable, an interpretation once it’s done you have to turn to something else. Because of this, it ranking the lowest as it’s no farmable.

However, that does have actually a 30% possibility of profitable you with the Monster Bone +, however the Pukei-Pukei monster you’re searching will not drop one. You have to complete this search anyway so if it’s open up go because that it, however when you’re all set to grind you’ll require another resource of Monster Bone +.

The Crown that Mud and Anger pursuit sends you come hunt under the Barroth in the Wildspire Wastes. The quite thing around this quest is that there space no HR requirements so you merely need to development far enough to unlock it.

choose others on this list, the Barroth itself does not drop the Monster Bone + so the only method to gain one is from the 30% possibility it’ll be given as a search reward. This is a nice pursuit you deserve to grind if her HR isn’t as much as snuff because that the rather listed.

MHW Pukei Pukei Ambush
The Pukei-Pukei Ambush search sends you into the Wildspire Waste to hunt under the Pukei-Pukei monster. You’ll require an HR the 11 or higher and yes a time limit of 50 minutes. Choose the other quests top top this list, it has actually a 30% chance of dropping a Monster Bone +.

The reason this ranks reduced is that the monster you’re searching does not drop Monster Bone +. The is a weaker monster compared to others on this list, therefore if you’re reduced leveled or ill-equipped because that others this could not be a poor option.

The NPCs the this game really have actually something against Pukei-Pukeis. The Googly-eyed environment-friendly Monster quest in the old Forest has actually you hunting down one if your HR is 11 or higher. Favor the various other quests, it has a 30% chance of giving you two Monster Bone +s.

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whether you hunt the Pukei-Pukei in this quest or the rather is completely up to you, it"s a instance of what ar you’re in and which is most convenient for your build.

This pursuit is located in the Coral Highlands and also comes v a 30% chance of profitable two Monster Bone +s top top completion. Friend do require an HR that 11 and you have actually 50 minutes to finish the quest. Unfortunately, the Paolumu does no drop the product you need so you will do it be grind the pursuit over and also over.

~ above the shining side, you’re guaranteed a prize of 7,200 gold and also the Paolumu is a rather easy monster come tackle, suspect you deserve to keep this weird monster deflated.

This quest sits funny on this list since while you have two possibilities to attain a Monster Bone +, the odds are much less than the ones above. The quest into The Bowels of The Vale is the just one that has a 24% opportunity of profitable a Monster Bone + instead of 30% choose the others.

The upside is that the monster you hunting, the Odogaron has actually a 13% chance of dropping the bone. For this reason while your odds of obtaining one is worse you have two opportunities of gaining one and the quest can drop two, i beg your pardon is why it’s put here. The course, the Odorgaron is a hard monster come face and also the Rotten Vale is no picnic so this can rank in ~ the bottom for many players.

say Cheese is a search that sends out you to slay the Tziitzi-Ya-Ku in the Coral Highlands. You’ll require an HR 11 or higher and the quest has a time border of 50 minutes.

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those nice about this search is that it gives you two chances to acquire Monster Bone +. The quest itself has a 30% chance of giving one together a reward and also the monster she hunting has actually a 16% the dropping one. It’ll take part farming, yet that 30% is the highest possible drop price for Monster Bone + and getting two possibilities to attain one is nice.

save Your hand To you yourself is a good quest to farm due to the fact that it has a 30% chance of rewarding you through a Monster Bone + and also the Kulu-Ya-Yu you’re sent out to kill has actually a whopping 18% opportunity of dropping one.

You’ll need an HR that 11, the quest has actually a time border of 50 minutes, and it’s situated in Wildspire Wastes. Over there are much better ways come farm, however this one absolutely isn’t a poor one come grind if you not prepared for a enlarge fight.

The tingling Taste has you tracking under the great Girros in the Rotten Vale. It’s part of the pursuit chain to unlock RRRRRumble in The waste to gain the Affinity Booster and Astera Beer. For Monster Bone + searching it has a 30% chance of profitable you through two.

The an excellent Girros also has a 10% opportunity of dropping one when you loss it. Provided the monster and the place it’s a rather tough difficulty for negative odds when contrasted to the rather on this list. Absolutely perform this quest if you interested in the search chain, yet don’t spend too lot time farming this one.

hard to swallow is the solitary best method to farm Monster Bone + in the video game as it has actually the greatest odds of gaining you one. The search itself has actually a 30% of granting you two and the monster, the an excellent Jagras has actually a 20% opportunity of dropping one, the finest odds of any kind of monster in the game.

Granted the great Jagras deserve to be a tough fight, but for the 30% odds to acquire two and also a 20% drop price it’s precious the time and also effort the takes come get strong enough to grind this beast.

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