I have actually one here that a man is questioning $150.00; but after surfing approximately I"ve viewed the price range from $50.00 approximately $129.00. This one come with many ammo, 2 knives, and also the case. I believe I will market him $80.00 top. I"ve been wanting a gun and I simply don"t have the money come buy one that I want now.

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i had actually a sililer problem with mine once i an initial got that dident do lot outher then provided it a real good soaking in solvant then cleaned every little thing with a brush. Then re oiled it basicley it sat a lengthy time and the oil turnd into gue once cleaning inspect the fireing pin and also make shoure it moves smouth and dosent pole should have cleaned it very first befor i also tryed to fire it simple gun saftey p.s ns payed 95$ for mine not bad for a plinker 5 years agaio would have been 50 -75 bucks

I bought a RG .22 stub nose revolver in 1999 ns still remember i paid because that it through a $20 , i had enough change left over to to buy a fill of Marlboro reds