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Looking for the perfect Spanish infant name? Welcome come moment-g.com finish list that Spanish baby Girl surname collection beginning with G. Very first of all thanks for selecting us, moment-g.com Baby surname Finder - largest Baby surname list, to discover Spanish Girl name with interpretations for your brand-new born or meant baby. In ~ moment-g.com, we recognize requirements for every parents for naming your new born infant Girl.

This is a complete collection of all Spanish infant Names for Girls beginning with G , covering classic or modern or religious, modern, trendy, popular, cute, short and also sweet and easy to pronounce Spanish baby Girl name to help you make the ideal choice!

All Spanish infant Girl names deserve to be perceived alphabetically v their meanings and also can be more filtered with various options. Girlfriend can also click top top the baby name to know an ext about that certain baby name v meanings.

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GaliciaAn ethnic surname for someone; philosophicalGirl
GarciaResembles as among the animals, bear.Girl
GasparaThe one that is wealthy in wealth.Girl
GataA cat or a woman have actually the top quality of catGirl
GenerosaOne that is ready to give and share unstintingly.Girl
GenerysThe woman that is fair in complexion.Girl

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GenovevaSpanish and Portuguese type of Genevieve (White color wave)Girl
GeraldinaOne who is capable to spear fight.Girl
GertrudisThe human being who has the pressure like a spear.Girl
GezanaRefers come manifestation or embodiment.Girl
GitanaGypsy, WandererGirl

GreciaThey are really energetic,determind and also independent.They are an extremely capable and also adaptable all these features make castle wonderfu.Girl
GrecieThey are an extremely energetic,determind and independent.They are really capable and also adaptable every these characteristics make castle wonderfu.Girl
GrecilThey room dynamic,bright and emotional people.They are hypersensitive and love to continue to be in relationship.Girl
GregoriaThey are an extremely competent,practical and also powerful.The have actually very solid business psychic and achieve all goal.Girl
GregorieThey are an extremely competent,practical and powerful.The have very solid business mind and achieve all goal.Girl
GuadelupeGuadalupe important respected in culture as a defender the the individuals.

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GuillerminaThey are sesitive,charming.They are curious,comunicative and adaptable.Girl