A simile is a comparison using the native "like" or "as. "There are many examples in Of Mice and Men, such as once the hare on the side of the bank are still enough to be likened to stones. Lennie"s uncouth format of drinking is contrasted to a equine drinking making use of a simile, and also a snake"s head protruding from the water is likened come a periscope.

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A simile is a compare that provides the native "like" or "as." Similes are commonly used by authors to produce vivid photos in readers" minds.

For example, the rabbits sitting on the sand banks in thing one, simply prior come George and also Lennie "s arrival, are described as sitting "as...

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A simile is a compare that provides the indigenous "like" or "as." Similes are generally used by writers to produce vivid photos in readers" minds.

For example, the rabbits sit on the sand financial institutions in chapter one, simply prior to George and also Lennie"s arrival, are described as sitting "as quietly as little gray, sculptured stones." The image of stones, which carry out not move, creates a clear photo of just how unmoving the rabbits are.

Afterwards, once Lennie is drink from the environment-friendly pool the he and also George come across, that is described to it is in "snorting into the water like a horse." This simile uses the indigenous "like" to create a clear photo of just how messily and also eagerly Lennie is drinking.

Another simile making use of "like" is used later on in the an initial chapter to define a water snake relocating on the pool. The snake"s head is compared to "a small periscope," which creates a clear image of the snake"s head protruding the end of the water.

Later, Lennie starts to cry after George throws away the dead computer mouse that he has been carrying approximately in his pocket. His crying, or "blubberin"," is explained by George as being "like a baby." This commonly-used simile offers the leader an indication of exactly how distraught Lennie is.

When George and also Lennie space at the ranch and see Curley"s wife for the very first time, another simile is supplied to include to the photo of what she looks like. The "rolled clusters" the her hair is hung in are contrasted to sausages using the word "like".

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The last simile that I"ll mention is discovered in the very first paragraph of chapter five. The hay in the good barn is described as gift "like a hill slope." This image creates a clear mental photo of the volume of hay and also the shape of the pile of hay.