My internship v the Jewish joined Federation and InterfaithFamily has actually put me in religious Jewish setups that i wouldn’t have actually normally discovered myself in. Throughout one of these times, working an InterfaithFamily booth at an event, an worry was lugged to my fist that I’d never thought existed: prejudice based upon names. In this day and also age it seems so strange to i think something about a person based exclusively on their name, especially so in the U.S. Whereby the society is a started on numerous different ethnicities and also geographical backgrounds. Yet there ns was, make the efforts to defend my Judaism to a couple of enlarge Jewish males who believed I to be Catholic based turn off my name.

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River Shannon

The beginning of the surname Shannon is Irish. Depending upon whom you ask the means: tiny and wise, or river. My surname was provided to me through my bear mother, and my parents decided to keep it once they adopted me. In some ways I can understand why these guys assumed ns was Catholic. The southern nation of Ireland has actually been and also remained Catholic for centuries, and the surname “Shannon” derives from Ireland’s longest river, river Shannon. That being said, i was upset the they couldn’t photo a Jew having actually my name, and also it was only after I explained to them my family members background, the they identified me as Jewish.

I recognize that in Judaism a surname carries weight. Historically, over there were three groupings the Jews: the Levites, Kohens and Israelites. Progeny of the Levites and also Kohens to be tasked through special spiritual duties (e.g. Kohens were priests and Levites served directly under the Kohens), while the Israelites (i.e. Anyone else) held the shortest standing. At part synagogues, Kohens and Levites are still treated differently from everyone else. For example, Kohens can be referred to as up to review from the Torah first, adhered to by Levites. Even outside the biblical context, a family’s name identifies a person. The Jewish neighborhood has constantly been tight knit, and also last names currently serve as a device to help place a human being in the community.

In the instance of very first names, I an alert the repeat of particular names within the Jewish community. Daniel, Jeremy, Rachel, Joseph, Sarah, Ari, Noah, Adam, Elizabeth, Rebecca, David, Jonathan, Dana, Shana, Michael, Sam. Chances are you will do it come throughout these surname in a Jewish community, however that no strictly median all Jews take their names indigenous the exact same set. There space Jews everywhere the human being in countless different countries. Girlfriend can’t intend that they all share the same couple of names.

While ns am proud to speak to myself Jewish, I recognize its drawbacks. Judaism is very good at being exclusive, even toward those who identify with it. Speak to it a design flaw, or a result of society conditioning from century of persecution, either method an individual shouldn’t have to be questioned on what belief they are due to the fact that their surname is different.

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Growing up in one interfaith family, I constantly felt as if ns was secretly having actually an identification crisis, never learning where i really fit it. But I’ve grown right into myself, and also I know who ns am. My surname is Shannon. I identify as a secular Jew. Ns come from an interfaith family. Ns adopted. Component of my household is from Israel, and also the other half is indigenous Europe. Ns know and also understand every one of this. The difficulty is everyone who doesn’t understand.