The number 16 is pertained to all those civilization who have actually a really hard past or a somewhat strange past, complete of emotional disorders that might have influenced when achieving their goals.

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Generally these human being have suffered a many for various reasons throughout their life and the worst of every is that their way of gift has end up being much harder specifically for them.

What walk 16 median in the Bible?

For believer the 16 is an extremely emblematic to it is in the result of including the 12 apostles v the 4 Evangelists.

The dome the the Basilica of san Pedro reflects us splendidly this partnership of number 4 v number 16.

Its main dome is created by 16 arches and also 16 home windows that illuminate the whole dome. The four

Evangelists occupy some an extremely prominent areas within 4 big circles located on peak of the 4 huge columns that support the building of every this magnificent dome of the city of the 7 hills.

Meaning and also Symbolism

One that their finest gifts is the they are qualified of self-judging, something the favors castle is their great ability to analysis all the failure they have actually made and they are additionally able to develop different protocols to correct them.

This number is also related to perfection and also in numerous cultures and religions this number is known as the power of number 4 and has some partnership with it.

In various other words, we can say that those world who relate to the number 16 know exactly how to recognize as soon as they are relocating in the wrong method before that is as well late. They have actually the capability to correct their path and embark on another brand-new path, they tend to be enterprising and also full of vitality.

This form of civilization have been prepared to face the worst and also live yes, really unpleasant situations; If they have actually to confront some kind of accident or misfortune, castle think that they are simply tests to end up being even stronger.


If they have actually experienced some typical tragedy with a girlfriend or relative, they will certainly be the support or pillar on i beg your pardon they have the right to support themselves, discovering that they will not collapse because that anything in the world.

They likewise have a certain gift to be able to identify the negative intentions of the people who are nearby, being able to collection aside prior to they can gain to harm and also harm them.

By having such a hard personality and also their fear of relating to unfamiliar people, castle deal very analytically v the people around them.

However, this noticeable lack that feelings will certainly make united state see the people associated with number 16 as insensitive.

But we must remember the they room not like that, that everything is one iron covering that they have woven to be able to face the human being that surrounds them however that, if we can find the method to their heart, they will certainly become completely different people.

Another the their troubles is that sometimes they can get to despair to those about them, since they have the right to expect some kind of emotional reaction that will not come.

They space not very emotional and do not usually express any type of kind of feeling, castle are connected as cold and calculating people.

Number 16 in Love

The 16 is a prize of harmonic plurality in most religious rites and also ceremonies, being the result of improving the 4 an essential elements by 4.

The same dome the the famed Blue Mosque is created by 16 parts that converge in the center of claimed dome. V the fact that Muslim art is prohibited from representing images, numerology included into style has end up being the means to convey many religious messages to every its faithful followers.

Within this context, number 16 we find it constantly and repetitively in any type of Muslim architectural manifestation.

Facts about Number 16

In each of the 4 circles that house the 4 evangelists, we uncover again the number 16, gift the number of stars that begin from the angels on your right and left.

The Dome the St. Peter in the Vatican, likewise has 16 costal arches and also its well known main door decorated through hand, consists of 16 beautiful engravings.

One that the rituals that the Vatican conserves of centuries of heritage is the solemn opened of this door by the Pope himself.

But the symbolism that the 16th, likewise has its problematic aspect, due to the fact that when powering the Earthly 4, it end up concentrating one enormous power too. Thus in anthroposophy the idea is safeguarded that there room 16 roadways of perdition and also only 8 roadways for salvation, as Buddhists defend.

The Tarot card with the number 16 is the letter of “The Tower”, likewise called “House of God”. The illustration the this letter is one of the many expressive, where the drawing speaks for itself. Some people fall come the void from the top of a tower, wherein a lightning bolt has hit the optimal of the tower, represented as a crown.

The people and the crown sirloin to the ground, after the activity of lightning, over there is no opportunity of salvation.

In part versions that this letter the two males are falling native the top, however in other versions the two bodies are presented, dead and stamped ~ above the ground. The beam does no hit anywhere in the tower. The lightning strikes simply in the place where the crown was culminating the construction. The imperial crown is accurate dismissed by the force of the magnificent nature.

In our modest opinion, this letter relates the loss of the Church to the number 16 and also for this reason the vault letter through the number 15 is stood for by the evil one himself. Prior to the loss of the Church the adversary will govern the by pretending to be God.

We could well be living this year 2016, a rare time wherein we will witness among the many prophesied events: the autumn of great Babylon. In the letter of La Torre it is a celestial beam that destroys the tower and the golden crown. The Tower is usually represented with 3 burn windows, a clear allusion come the divine Trinity of the Vatican church. As soon as La Torre to be standing, daylight illuminated the interior of La Torre, v the 3 windows.

But now, it’s as well late, the tower is on fire and there space two bad wretches falling into the void. We are encountering the well known archetype of “people falling right into the void”, so and so offered by the graphic media, after the false 9/11 flag attack.

Without a doubt that the Tarot card of La Torre has been videotaped in the subconscious that the world after September 11, 2001. The photos of the burn towers and the people falling into the void, will accompany united state all until the finish of ours days.

Also the conflict Sorcha Faal incorporates in its mysterious presentation banner, a letter from La Torre that appears next come the Virgin Mary and also Noah’s Ark. Because that something it will be that the Russian informant has actually selected The Tower from among all the cards that type the Tarot deck. This banner of Sorcha Faal is an authentic symbolic hieroglyph the deserves a different article.


Although they room not always aware the it, however the truth is the they are always looking for world who recognize them and can sympathize through them.

They seek to have the ability to break v that dense bark the covers them, so they can trust again in someone.

The number 16, however, is likewise associated with those people who know exactly how to execute the right thing at any kind of time, also if the scenarios are not the best.

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They have suffered a lot and their maturational age is exceptional to that of others, they have tendency to be an extremely wise people with decision-making power.