Hope Sandoval doesn"t speak much around her lyrics, but at the time, she was linked to william Reid, guitarist that the Jesus and Mary Chain. He later on told Goldmine: "I was in love through Hope, however it was the unhappiest time in my life."
According to Sandoval, she didn"t even write down the lyrics. When David Roback began playing the etc part, she came up through the words and they recorded the song ideal away. The was later on augmented through strings.

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The track was featured in a 2009 TV advertising project for Virgin Media in the UK. This generated sufficient interest in the track because that it to end up being Mazzy Star"s first entry in the British optimal 75 because "Flowers in December" charted in November 1996.
This song has actually featured 3 times in the American teen drama series The OC, most prominently when it was the outro song in the episode where Marissa overdoses in Mexico. It was additionally used in this TV shows:The Handmaid"s story ("Mayday" - 2019)Bosch ("Dark Sky" - 2018)Rectify ("Modern Times" - 2013)House ("Informed Consent" - 2006)Charmed ("A Knight to Remember" - 2001)
The song gone into the UK optimal 50 for the first time in September 2011 after special in promotion ads for the video clip game Gears of war 3.

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AnonymousWhen I an initial heard this song it reminded me of mine 17 loving years through my wife and also then the loss of her how everything turned come dustGrayson from The Desertmay be their best song in my opinionJohn-mark Ratcliffe indigenous Lancaster (60 miles From Manchester ~ above The Nnwcoast)I very first heard the in 2018 June ish.I simply randomly made decision to asking the real definition behind her words. Ns applaud you, because you have hit the pond on the head.We have all feel this confuse concoction of abandonment/guilt/blame/why and also then ultimate growing cooler towards a warm feelings for your loss nomatter what or who it may be. It to be you breathless and torn ( not sure!)And due to the fact that he to be unsure if he wanted to preserve his partnershiwith she she cried she eyes into dust.As she witnesses two lovers who have actually now end up being strangers turn right into the dust the time.She is beautiful, she lyrics are so human. Ns only found her since of rick and morty around a year ago. However im just glad know of she now.I don"t remember listening of her in the nineties in the UK....(((we had actually the I.R.A. And gulf and Yugoslavia etc, etc....sadly too much indifference in our affairs for feelings that empathic person interaction, around that time, we had actually sinade o Connor and u2 and also the GOD-Damn Smiths, ohH! and also Do not gain me started with the musical depiction of clinical depression v suicidal tendencies...... The cure!!!!! ( lock are recognized for not being known) ))))))about not understanding of she in the nineties, I"m simply glad I found her and ain"t going to snuff it no hearing her supply a combination of daily words in together a beautiful mix of together an explanetetry method everyone knows what she is speak to every separation, personal, instance listener.True wordsmith.Makes Lana look like a novice.Cara from brand-new YorkHeard this in the season 3 finale that Handmaid’s Tale. Had actually it on repeat ever due to the fact that (is that still a thing??) the is the tune I now associate with the Corona Virus and also the strangeness the the human being right now, together this is as soon as I found this haunting song.Mike native Idahoamazing & hauntingly beautiful item of dark individual music. Simply incredible. Smartalek from Boston, MaNot to mention it gives the backdrop because that the an initial get-together of the protagonists in the great girls-coming-of-age movie "Foxfire," in i beg your pardon "Legs" (a young Angelina Jolie) tattoos very first herself, then the other girls, to celebrate their triumph over the skeezoid teacher who had actually molested 2 of them.One of the most an effective & haunting scenes ever -- and also made an ext so through this track.Marie from Durham, united KingdomToday is September 20th 2011, and i heard this song for the very first time critical night on an advert for "Gears that war" and i have the right to honestly say it is one of the many beautiful, haunting tracks i have ever before heard.see more comments
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