We believers should pray not only for ourselves but likewise should pray because that our love ones together well. If someone greets you then you also should greet him with beautiful and kind words. Finest Islamic greeting is doing Salam by speak “Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.” and reply greeting of this salam “walekum assalam wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.”

If you are English speaker but not Arabic then you can add some extra blessing dua for her loved one (s) ~ doing Salam.

Allah is Arabic indigenous which method God in English language. I have accumulated Some beautiful Quotes and also duas with message messages ~ above “May Allah bless you” in English language. You can use these texts as Islamic appreciation text messages to thank your friends, family members members, loved ones or who who have actually helped you. Life is really short so girlfriend should always leave your, friends, family and also loved ones through blessing words and Duas. Hope following duas and quotes will help you come greet her family, friends and also your love ones :

“May Allah bless friend with solid imaan, taqwa, piety, purity of heart, great manners and great deeds.”

“May Allah bless you and also us all through his peace and blessings, may Allah mercy on us and also respond our every duas, may He(Allah) forgive our sins, multiply our hasanat (Credit for an excellent deeds), give us and also our family great health, delight at every action of life, might Allah bless us with great people about us and allocate a location for us in jannah.”


“May Allah bless you long period with an excellent health, wealth and prosperity in your life, and May he (Allah) overview you come do good deeds.”

“May Allah bless you and reward you v goodness and also guide girlfriend to right path.”


“May Allah bless you with endless happiness, might Allah fulfill all your dreams, aspirations and May Allah respond her duas. May Allah reward girlfriend a residence for you in Jannah.”

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“it is a great blessing because that me to have such a amazing friends approximately me like you guys who provide me support with indigenous of wisdom, encourage and assist me to be righteous. May Allah bless you all my friends.”

“May Allah respond her dua, accomplish your dreams and also bless you and your household always.”

“When birthday comes climate We shed one year an ext from our age and also we come to be one year more near to fatality so we need to repent and also seek forgiveness native Allah instead of rejoicing and also celebrating birthday. Might Allah bless those who have actually patience and also often repent.”

“May Allah bless you and also whole ummah through his guidance and Keep us on the path of truth.”

“May Allah bless you and keep continue blessing you always with peace and also happiness and all the success in your life that this dunya and also hereafter.”

“We require blessings that Allah constantly but not just any special day. I don’t celebrate birthday. Ns pray Allah bless you constantly not simply on birthday.”

“May Allah bless you always. I don’t memory birthday. As soon as my birthday comes then i feel sad since one year much more is decrease of mine life.”

“May Allah bless you always. Because that me wishing and blessing day is always but not just birthday.”

“May Allah accept your dua and also bless you with strong imaan, sabr, happiness and also long age with taqwa.”

“May Allah constantly guide you and also bless you and keep firm you in Islamic faith.”

“May Allah bless you through bright day field with peace and also blessings that Allah.”

“May Allah expropriate your dua and bless you v his protections and also guidance always and keep you safe always.”

“May Allah bless you this particular day and constantly and do you righteous.”

“May Allah accept your duas and also bless friend with good health, wealth and also success in every step in her life.”

“My Allah( God) bless you and also your household with great health and also long life.”

“May Allah bless you v his mercy and also barakah.”

“May Allah’s blessings and protections be through you. May Allah keep you in his security forever.”

“May Allah (God) bless you and your family members with every the delight in your life.”

“May Allah (God) bless you and also your household with all the happiness and also success in her life.”

“May Allah (God) bless you and your household with good health and also happy life.”

“May Alllah (God) bless you and also your family members with all the happiness in the world and also hereafter.”

“May Allah (God) proceed to shower you and your household with his peace and blessings.”

“May Allah (God) continue to bless you and your household abundantly.”

”May Allah bless you and your family with righteous life and bless through jannah.”

“May Allah (God) bless you and also your family with happiness togetherness in her loved ones.”

“May Allah bless you through happiness,long age and an excellent health.”

“May Allah bless you, overview you, defend you and save you from evil eyes.”

“May Allah do you true follower of Quran and also Sunnah and bless girlfriend infinitely v his blessings.”

“May Allah’s blessing be top top you and also your family and I great you for her success in this dunya and also hereafter.”

“May Allah bless you with peace, happiness, great health, money and solid faith in Islam.”

“May Allah Almighty bless you and your family and also grant you and also your parents a place in Jannah.”

“May Allah bless you with his blessings and ease your problems and also hardship.”

“May Allah make whatever easy because that you and also strengthen her imaan.”

“May Allah’s blessing be with you and May He overview you always and save you on straight Path.”

“May Allah bless you. I wish you have a righteous life and also guidance of Allah.

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Continue to be blessed always.”

“May Allah bless you and also be always with you in ~ every action you take.”

“May Allah bless you and your household with peace, happiness, good health, long age with strong imaan and also May Allah point out a ar in jannah.”

“May Allah bless you through his guidance in each and every decision friend make and take.”

“May Allah bless you because that your great deeds and also forgive your negative deeds and also sins. MayAllah offer you success in this dunya and hereafter.”

“May Allah increase you in knowledge and also bless you v his blessings always.”

“May Allah bless you with more than enough and protect you when you fall.”

“May Allah overview you in every minute of your life and May Allah bless you this day and always with his blessings.”

“May Allah pardon you and bless you with righteous life and also give you death as a Muslim.”

“May Allah bless you with long and also righteous life and also make girlfriend obedient servant of the (Allah).”

“May Allah remove your pain, burden, hardship and also you through peace and happiness.”

“May Allah hear girlfriend and assist you as soon as you speak to to him.”

“May Allah overview you and bless you and keep all angry eyes far from you.”

“May Allah bless you healthy, happy and also righteous life and keep righteous people around you.”

“May Allah bless you and also keep you in his protection forever.”

“May Allah guide you, forgive her sins and also bless you through Jannah and also unite her loved ones through you in jannah.”

“May Allah bless you and your family and grant you and your love ones barakah in your work.”

“May Allah bless you and your family in this dunya and hereafter in ~ the job of judgment.”

“May Allah forgive you and bless friend with good success in this dunya and hereafter.”

“May Allah bless you through righteous life and also Keep friend in directly path and give girlfriend the finest in the world and also hereafter.”

“May Allah bless girlfriend with good knowledge of Quran and Sunnah.”

“May Allah do this human being for you and also whole ummah a far better place to live and he bless us through the possibility to die as true Muslim.”