Jamaica"s peak Dancehall and Reggae music talent show "Magnum Kings kings of Dancehall" because that 2010 has actually just ended with Bumpa gift crowned together the queen and "Reggae Queen" came 2nd.

For the King location "Press Fyah" won and also "juggla" came 2nd. Over there are likewise a little of controversy regarding the queen in which it is stated that Bumpa just won since Reggae Queen violate some of the terms of the broadcasting board of directors on a previous show.

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She actually claimed that she to be penalize by the producer of the show because of this, i beg your pardon the producers have because denied.

 This display is aligned towards giving young upcoming talent a start in your musical career. The winners receive $1,000,000.00 plus various other prizes.

This to be the fourth staging..2009 winners were Poor and also Boasty and also Baby Tash.

Perfect 10 years for Magnum Kings and Queen

Magnum Kings and Queens the Dancehall is ago for the 10th season and also ready come "tek charge" the the milestone. Magnum has actually put second $1 million right into the compensation pot.

The 2017 winners will each obtain $1.5 million, 50 per cent an ext than the 2016 winners. Tamika West, marketing manager at J. Wray & Nephew is excited about the new season.

"It has been a "charged" 10 years. We have seen so lot growth, native a manufacturing standpoint, come the talent the we have actually on the display year after year so we had actually to advanced the bar however again, and also this time we have actually increased the cash prize." Hopefuls can start to prepare as auditions begin November 19 at tide Beach in Negril. The auditions will continue on November 26 in ~ Island village inside Ocho Rios, then on December 3 at Tolan"s total in might Pen. The auditions relocate to the love Academy in Portmore on December 10 prior to taking over the Ranny Williams Entertainment centre in Kingston top top December 17.

This season will watch the return of stone Love"s Randy wealthy as the resides DJ together the show continues its partnership with stone Love. The legend sound system has provided support because that the live display series.

"The present is a great flavour for dancehall and also it is a tremendous initiative in state of giving exposure come young artistes, and even larger artistes, who have been trying however unable to get that large break. There is no limit to what Season 10 will offer," claimed Winston "Wee Pow" Powell, CEO of stone Love.

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