A couple weeks ago, we met the Mad baht from Alice in Wonderland as an instance of what can happen to hatters who supplied mercury nitrate in the manufacturing of hair hats. Such a vivid character is worthy of his own entry, specifically near October 6, a date which coincides nicely come the price that his hat. Come wit: 10/6 or ten shillings, 6 pence. That would certainly be . . . Permit me watch . . . It took twelve pence to do a shilling and twenty shillings to do a pound. And in the 19th century a lb was worth $11.00. Which might make the 10/6 indistinguishable to perhaps $6.00. Quite pricey for the time. Ns say that because one pound then can by $100 today, which would certainly make the hat unavailable come anyone who didn’t have $50.00 to spare — i beg your pardon would encompass our foolish Hatter.

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But to return to the Mad hatter himself. Alice met the peripatetic hatter and also his friends Dormouse and also the march Hare at a rather strange tea party. Author Lewis Carroll knew his characters well. Alice, of course, was based on a typical girl. Dormice were well-known for their yearly hibernations, and also hares normally seemed mad in the month of March when their mating season began.


Alice have the right to hardly be blamed for she frustration as events unfolded. Just for fun, I’ll placed three excerpts from Carroll’s initial Tea Party text adhered to by clips indigenous Disney’s 1951 animated movie and also the 2010 movie certification Johnny Depp – an appropriate an option to play a mad Hatter.


“There was a table set out under a tree in former of the house, and also the march Hare and the hatter are having tea in ~ it; a Dormouse to be sitting between them, quick asleep, and also the various other two were making use of it as a cushion, resting their elbows on it, and also talking over its head.”


The baht was the an initial to break the silence. ‘what day of the month is it?’ the said, turning to Alice. He had taken his watch the end of his pocket, and was looking in ~ it uneasily, shaking the every now and also then, and also holding it come his ear. Alice considered a little, and said, ‘the Fourth.’ ‘Two days wrong,’ sighed the Hatter. ‘I told girlfriend butter wouldn’t suit the works!’ he added, looking angrily at the in march Hare. ‘It was the ideal butter”’the march Hare meekly replied. ‘Yes, yet some crumbs have to have gained in as well,’ the hatter grumbled, ‘you shouldn’t have actually put that in v the bread knife.’ The march Hare took the watch and looked at it gloomily; then he dipped it right into his cup that tea, and looked at it again; but he might think that nothing better to say 보다 his very first remark.”


I desire a clean cup,’ interrupted the Hatter; ‘let’s all move one place on.’ He moved as that spoke, and also the Dormouse adhered to him; the march Hare moved right into the Dormouse’s place, and also Alice quite unwillingly take it the ar of the in march Hare. The baht was the only one who acquired any benefit from the change; and Alice to be a good deal worse off 보다 before, together the march Hare had just upset the milk jug right into his plate.”

Disney’s take it on the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Disney’s 1951 animated film is the Alice of my childhood and also closely allied come Carroll’s creation. It transforms out the Disney emerged Alice in Wonderland in ~ the exact same time Cinderella to be on the drawing board. And the ideal animators were drawing Cinderella, and putting Alice on the page as a type of next job.


Tim Burton’s 2010 version records Alice’s second trip to Wonderland. Things have actually not gone well since her last visit. Johnny Depp’s Mad hatter is as bizarre together ever, but this time through a much more sinister twist.

There is, the course, an official Mad Hatters job on October 6. The day started in Boulder CO, due to the fact that an unnamed team of computer system nerds believed it would be a cool commemoration. The holiday came to be official in 1988 when it obtained its very first press coverage. The course, such a day would have to be celebrated on 10 June in the uk to accommodate their method of dating.


All illustrations attracted by john Tenniel. Publicly Domain. Wikimedia Commons.

Information top top the worth of 10/6 taken native Grade Saver. It might or may not it is in accurate.

Hat Nostalgia

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