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"Sitting, Waiting, Wishing" is a tune written and sung by Jack Johnson. It is the sixth song top top the album In between Dreams, which was released in February 2005. It to be released as a solitary in march 2005. The music video clip features turning back narration, similar to Coldplay"s video clip for "The Scientist". The song was influenced by among his friends" search of a woman. The single, "Sitting, Waiting, Wishing" only became a chart hit in the united kingdom after the re-release climbed right into the top 75 following Jack Johnson"s exposure on the 2006 BRIT Awards ~ above ITV1. The single climbed to hit condition a week prior to the relax of "Better Together". Both the initial release and also indeed the re-issue had actually failed to chart till this point. However, the solitary was nominated for a Grammy compensation in the category of best Male popular music Vocal Performance. Additionally, it was nominated for finest Male video at the MTV video clip Music Awards Japan ceremony in 2006. On march 4, 2011 the song was spanned by Brian Fallon that The Gaslight Anthem for the covering segment on the different Australian radio terminal Triple J referred to as Like A Versionmore »

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Well ns was sitting, waiting, wishingYou thought in superstitionsThen probably you"d see the signsLord knows the this people is cruelAnd i ain"t the lord no I"m just a foolAnd a loving somebody don"t make them love youMust I constantly be waiting, wait on you?Must I always be playing, play your fool?I sang your songs, ns danced your danceI offered your friends all a chancePutting up through them wasn"t worth never having youAw, maybe you"ve been v this beforeBut it"s my first time so please ignoreThe next few lines "cause they"re command at youI can"t constantly be waiting, wait on youI can"t always be playing, play your foolI save playing her partBut it"s not my sceneWant this plot to twistI"ve had enough mysteryKeep structure it upBut climate you"re shooting me downBut I"m currently downJust wait a minuteJust sitting, waitingJust wait a minuteJust sitting, waitingWell if I was in your positionI"d put down every my ammunitionI"d wonder why it had taken me so longBut mr knows that I"m not youAnd if ns was ns wouldn"t it is in so cruel"Cause waiting on love ain"t so straightforward to doMust I always be waiting, wait on you?Must I constantly be playing, play your fool?No i can"t always be waiting, waiting on youI can"t constantly be playing, playing your fool, fool

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Jack Johnson Jack Johnson is an American people rock singer-songwriter, surfer and musician recognized for his job-related in the soft rock and also acoustic genres. In 2001, he accomplished commercial success after ~ the relax of his debut album, Brushfire Fairytales. He has since released five more albums, a variety of EPs and also surfing movies/soundtracks. That is also known for organizing an yearly event, the Kōkua Festival.

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Noteworthy songs indigenous Johnson"s repertoire include "Upside Down"; "Flake"; "Sitting, Waiting, Wishing"; "If I had actually Eyes"; "You and Your Heart"; "Taylor"; and "Better Together". More »